Open Ima

Its never just a joke...
I am back with a sweet new content. Enjoy (it has sound)!
That's What Friends Are For!
i prefer how i actually look 😳
Does it really matter?
So many guys, so little time!
You were so sure it was all just for fun, one of her strange kinks... Until you realised
This is who you are now. <3
Gfycat finally fixed their shit
So true
Are you really a sissy?
Doesn't looks gay to me, what do you think?
If Only You Were A Girl!
Well Researched
You'll pay him next time...
Sissy Streamer
Maybe just a little...
Turning The Tables
Just Another Day at the Sissy Convention
Breakfast is served
White boys in 2021
The sissy stages of getting fucked
Not that kind of threesome...
Just trying to save some money on rent and my roommate is taking full advantage 🤪
You didn't realise what you were getting into when you swallowed that first load
She's looking for a cute, effeminate boy to dominate and prove how much fun the sissy
Prank your roommate by riding his big, straight cock. That'll show him.
How the police arrest sissies
The Slippery slope of sissidom
I need this kinda push, so badly
If only you'd read the fine print before signing away your manhood... The Sissy School
Once you stop worrying about what sissy porn and Hypno can do to you and just start
How far will you go, sissy?
Now you know, what's missing!!!
A sissycaptions Story
That special spot
Change Is Good!
Joining The Right Team
Popularity Takes Work!
Times Have Changed, Sissy
Your journey
Hey there Sissies, been a while since I posted anything, but I missed getting you
Compromise is key!
It ain't cheating if you're the one getting fucked, right?
Never stop!
He's going to pound you to a sissygasm
My boss sissyfied me
Sucking his cock wasn't gay - You were just doing it because it was part of the deal.
Living together requires a lot of compromise...
From Streamer to Sissy
We both know you'd pick his massive, throbbing cock over the money. ;)
Who says Sissies don't have Pussy?
You’ve taken so many loads in your pussy but you can’t seem to get pregnant 🥴🥴
Your body doesn’t lie
Your size doesn't change the fact that the only thing you want is some big fucking
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