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Shibbydex Release!
If you really want to make me happy, and feel like a good pet- Vote.
[F4M] Burst for Me [ASMR][Hypnosis][HFO][Gentle Fdom][Relaxation][Triggers][Conditioning]
Can you beat my score at 2048?
Cover for my latest file on Patreon- Summoning the Succubus
[F4A][Individual versions for m,f,TM,TF] Hi, I'm Shibby. And Soon You'll be a Strapped
I hope you all are as happy and content as I am right now
When you see the file is tagged FFFF4A
When I listen to shibby audio
[F4M] Drop for Teacher [Hypnosis][HFO][Snaps][Good boy][Teacher knows best][Trigger
[F4M] ASMR Clench [ASMR][Hypnosis][HFO][Clench][Fdom][Snaps][Fractionation][Good
[F4M][F4F]or[F4A] Neurogenesis [Hypnosis][HFO][Metronome][Logic takes you down][It's
[F4M&F] Pure ASMR Hands Free Orgasm [ASMR][Hypnosis][HFO][Gentle Femdom][Whispers][Mindgasm][Slut][Tingles][Ear
[F4A] Let Me Show You Something [Hypnosis][ASMR][Beginner Friendly][Instructional][Gentle
[F4M] You're mine. And I'm going to make you feel so good [Stereo][ASMR][JOI][FDom][Teasing][Blowjob][A
[FF4M] Apprehended By Two Female Police Officers [Fdom][Yandere][Rape][Strength Difference][L-Bombs]Lots
[F4M] Muffling Your Mind [Hypnosis][Brainwashing][Psychological Dirty Talk][ASMR]
[F4M]If I Had a Futa Cock I'd Want it to be Just Like Yours[Shibby GFE][Gentle Fdom][ASMR][Whispers][Dirty
My new Avatar - I commissioned it from Cherry Gig, and holy hell, you should check
[F4M]&[F4F] The Buzz Word [Hypnosis][ASMR][Stereo][HFO][Vanilla][Affectionate][Snaps][Triggers][Dirty
[F4M] I'm going to drain every last drop of cum from your balls. [JOI] [Teasing]
[F4M] Spellcast Slave [Hypnosis][Gentle Femdom][ASMR][SFX][Conditioned]to[Love][Devotion][Long][Story][Hot
[F4M] Tingle with Me, We'll Tingle Together [Gentle Femdom][ASMR][Hypnosis][HFO][Whispers][I
[Futa4M] Futa Abduction: Probing [Fdom][Hypnosis][HFO][Triggers][Abduction][Sci-Fi][Futanari][Brainwashed[Into
[F4A][6 versions] Fractioning Your State of Mind [Hypnosis][HFO][Snaps][Recursion][Layers][ASMR][Whispers][Moaning][Affectionate][Fdom][No
[F4M] HFO Suggestion [Hypnosis][HFO][JOI][Gentle Fdom][Safe Word][Binaurals][ASMR][Countdowns][SFX][Whispers][Movement][Kneeling][66
[F4(starting)M] Partying with the Slut Inside You [Hypnosis]Multiple[HFO]s[Transformation]into
[F4M] Oh Snap! [Hypnosis][HFO][Snaps][Layers][SFX][Countdowns][33 minutes][You don't
Secret Agent Shibby, better known as Keyholder.
[F4M] Powerful Woman's Plaything [Hypnosis][Brainwashing][Fdom][C4H][Manipulation][to
[F4A] A Little Quickie [JOI][ASMR][Whispers][Hypnosis][Gentle Fdom][Possessive][Slut][OControl][Trigger
I am sponsoring an Erotic Hypnosis Contest over on GWA- Top prize is a 3Dio Microphone.
[F4M] No Escape from the Sex Machine [Fdom][Restraints][Fucking Machine]so[Anal]on
[F4M] Sucking at Your Thoughts [ASMR][Blowjob][Sucking][Licking][Kissing][Layers][Femdom][7
[F4A] No Words Needed [ASMR][Sucking][Kissing][Moaning][Playing][No Words][9 Minutes]
[F4A] A Perfectly Innocent ASMR File [ASMR][Ear Rubs][Teasing][massage][Ear licking][I'm
[F4M] Brainwashed and Begging [ASMR][Fdom][Hypnosis][Brainwashing][27 Minutes][Psychological
[F4M] Just follow my instructions- It should be pretty easy right? [ASMR][JOI][Game][Blowjob][Teasing][Edging][CEI][Challenge]Chance
[F4M] The Frequency of Submission [Hypnosis][ASMR][Gentle Femdom][Milking][Conditioning]into[Submission][SFX][Teasing][Script
[FF4M] A Happy Little Orgasm [Hypnosis][HFO][JOI][ASMR][Latex Fetish][All the SFX][Tomboy][Painting
[F4M] The Box [Fdom][Handjob][Milking Machine][Hypnotic Language][Good Boy][Scifi][SFX][Rape]just
3 Variations[F4M][F4S][F4TF]Discovered in the Doorway[Tomboy][ASMR][Pegging]/[Futa][Rape][Best
[F4M] My Place is on Top [Affectionate][Fdom][Holding you Down][Whispers][Moans][ASMR][Ear
[F4M] ASMR Slave. Obey. [ASMR][JOI][Whispers][sfx][Femdom][Classroom][Hypnosis][Triggers][Spanking][Binaurals][Punishment
[F4A] Ahegao [Hypnosis][Conditioning][Brainwashing][Desire to Ahegao][Countdowns][Layers]
[F4M] ASMR Fucking Machine Pounding Your Spankmeister Bound Ass [ASMR][Femdom][Dominatrix
My Contest Over On GWA Is Wrapping Up- Over 60 New Hypnotic & Erotic Audio
[F4M]Your new genetically-engineered sex girl helps you de-stress during these trying
[F4M] Seductive Hypnosis Therapy: Oily Titjob [Gentle Femdom][Bad Therapist][Hypnosis][Titjob][Guided
[F4M] Darkest Desires [ASMR][Hypnosis][Fdom][Indulge in your fantasies][Conditioning]you
[F4M] + [F4F] + [F4A] Give In [HFO][Pure][Hypnosis][Brainwashing][Fdom][Addiction][Psychological
[F4M] Just Lay There and Take It [Shibby GFE][Fdom][Intimate][Cuddling][Jetpack][Tease
[F4M] Summoned for snuggles (And sex). [Succubus][Gentle femdom][Kissing][Blowjob][Tit-fucking][Outercourse][Riding][Creampie][Body
I've been there
[F4M] ASMR My Sybian [Hypnosis][HFO][Gentle Femdom][Binaurals][Restraints][Latex][Vacbed][Orgasm
Updates, a wishlist, and the first look at my New recording dungeon!
[F4M]I'm So Sorry - Brainwashing You Was the Only Way[Drugged][Rape]Sweet, Sad[Yandere]
[F4M] A Gerudo Guard Finds a Cute Hylian[Legend of Zelda][Crossdressing][Drunk],
[F4M] After the Scene [Gentle][Fdom][Aftercare][Cuddle up with me][Head pets]ALL
[F4M] Sirens Song [Hypnosis][HFO][Gentle Femdom][Epic Fantasy][Adventure][Mermaids][Brainwashing][Rape][But
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