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A note to broke customers
Lol, accurate
Thought y’all could use a laugh right about now. A rare gem found on Facebook.
Lol ok bruh
i don’t know where else i can share the best thing a man has ever done for me -
I think we all can relate 😂
When they ask for your services but don't want to pay for it
Ayyyy 😂
What did he think was going to happen?
Making an Onlyfans because of the lockdown
You don't like condoms? Oh my gosh.....
A moment of silence to honor the lives of sex workers lost to violence. 🕯 🌹
The best!!!
When your needy client sees you out in public.
How did it all go so wrong?
Another fun meme for y’all 😊
Go away :)
Least he didn’t ask for bobs and vagene😆
My dog protected me against a client today
Stop asking questions about screening: how, where, apps, sites, etc.
Had my first Female client today :)
Not mine, but this is brilliant
fuck off Lauren
Someone told me most sex workers are drug addicts. I’ve been looking everywhere
How was my response?
OnlyFans customer service, hello??
No baked beans for supper
I am Jack’s total lack of remorse
Escorts who are not 'high class' are still escorts. And they're not working any less
Something we should consider.
Sugar shortage...
THIS is how clients should respond
...not like that
Cam girl kitty is coming for our jobs
Now THIS is how you should properly book someone! *swoon*
*but I hate sex work in general
A follow up to my last post about Bella Thorne for everyone saying we are “just
Eff this, I’m gonna be a stripper
🤷‍♀️ well shit lol
I just fucking cant. I can't. Fuck these fucking cheap fucks.
Felt like this belonged here
MRW someone criticizes me for working in the sex industry
Some new signs were posted in the dressing room at one of my favorite little strip
Probably one of my favorite interactions I've ever had with all of this.
Backlash for donations. #stopHATINGsexworkers. She was selfless enough to provide
Why I said fuck it to being a sugar baby, and became an escort and why you should
When a client asks why I don't have a boyfriend 😂😂😭
Where's the lie??
Just gonna leave this here 😂
How to Deal with Annoying Clients: Canned Responses
not mine but still great!
All of us coming back from Covid 🍋
Got banned from r/pics because Im a sex worker. It was a picture of visiting my grandma
Client said they got a tattoo of my name
Saw this on Twitter lol
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