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Update on a post I made 5 days ago about buying some sex toys online whilst living
PSA: we don’t care about your sexuality
Be careful when downsizing butt plugs.
Always check the measurements
Incredible alternate use for vibrator
TIL that anal beads should not be pulled out as if it was beyblade...
BDSM, but instead of a ball gag we just use a harmonica?
Update to Lelo Sona Injury from December. It's Not Good. Looking for Help. (LONG
I just tried a clit sucking toy for the first time... I’m never going back.
I joined this sub in 2015 when I started working in adult retail. You have helped
The cat has his own wand
Vibrator turning itself on... FML
I wanted to share my new bedroom display seeing as may never be able invite a real
Without a base, without a trace
I bought a dildo and it was AWESOME
Clone A Willy
Protip: Don’t go cheap on shoes, beds, or sex toys
How I knew my best friend's boyfriend was the one
I just had my very first continuous, multiple (5, 6, I kid you not) orgasm session
26 years: no orgasm. 5 minutes with a clitoral suction vibrator: orgasm
Damn you all
We Made a Create-Your-Own-Dildo Tool That's 100% Free
I got Kickstarter to lift their sex toy ban!
As a cis woman I just tried a FTM clit stroker and OMG
The lady who cleans my house found my used buttplug
Concrete Vibrator Bench
Discreet Sex Toy Storage
Storage solution for dildos, hallelujah
TI[F]U: Satisfyer in the bath is so good it's dangerous...
Post orgasm stupidity
My SO & I bought new Bluetooth toys. I shot one out of my butt after my SO
PSA: claims to promote sexual liberation and feminism by distributing
PSA: No such thing as "too much lube" when it comes to butt stuff
A Tentacle Toy made me Cry
Sex toy collection
My fucking machine arrived today. I'm still glowing from how hard I just came. Here
Introduction to pegging 101
I recently got this gorgeous dildo from Lovehoney and I would love to find more that
Update on becoming a professional sex toy reviewer (3 months later)
I just went to work while plugged for the first time!
Prevalence of toxic materials in independent nude posts.
Who has 2 thumbs and just got her *whole boob* stuck in a sex toy?
Found an inexpensive waterproof blanket for squirting that is also inconspicuous.
I scared myself, Im ok.
PSA: EdenFantasys (still) has absolutely zero respect for your privacy
PSA about LoveHoney
I did it!
After having been on this sub a while, hearing about uninformed sex toy buyers physically
Never anything but silicone again
DO NOT Buy From Adam and Eve.
Just bought my first prostate massager and wow
Dildo Life Hack: Dildo Saves The Day By Rescuing Glass Stuck In Disposal
I bought a dildo and used it frequently for four months before I noticed it was the
Massage Gun? More like Fuck-Gun 🤯🤤
This might not be allowed but...
Built my First Sex Robot, but It Kinda Sucks
Buyer beware: RealDoll Deluxe Half Torso review
Vibrating egg controlled by a raspberry pi and regulated using a custom Minecraft
I Feel like I cucked myself
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