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A guy at my work has been making this sculpture for a few years now and it's almost
“Bungeezus” by Mark Bryan, 2020
"Medusa holding Perseu's head" (2008), Luciano Garbati, [558x549]
Different artists through different time periods
Rage of kumbakarna
I am still trying to figure out reddit this is my second post. Hope you enjoy my
Theseus and the Amazon. Sculpted in 2015 by Christophe Charbonnel
Murat Yıldırım - Starry Night [990x1400]
"I wanted to create a sculpture almost anyone, regardless of their background,
Paige Bradley-Expansion- [880x879]
Giovanni Duprè - Urania, 1863 [700x880]
Civil Rights park has a monument you walk through depicting the police dogs that
had to share
The Veiled Bride by Rafaelle Monti (1861)
Michael Locascio - Victorian Mirror Ghost (day/night) [1213x866]
Ghost sculptures of WW1 soldiers erected in the village cemetery of Slimbridge by
"Theseus and the Amazon" by Christophe Charbonnel (2015)
Marble statue of the Greek god Hermes (Roman: Mercury) and the beautiful Psyche in
"Undine" by Chauncey Bradley Ives
New art piece at TIA looks like you are underwater.
The “Serve and Protect” sculpture, Salt Lake City’s Public Safety Building,
"Mending the Nets" by Chauncey Ives (1866)
Riace bronzes (Greece, circa 450 BC)
The herd is on the move. Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
This ballerina by French sculptor Serge Yourievich
Transparent marble
Great Patriotic War Monument in Magnitogorsk, symbolizing a worker giving a sword
Livio Scarpella - The Blessed/The Damned , c.2014 [565x487]
"Anatomy of an Angel" by Damien Hirst (2008)
"Salammbô" by Jean-Antoine Idrac (1882)
Restored Sculpture at the Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle
A statue of Yasuke, an African slave, who arrived in Japan in 1579 and became the
"First the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man." Sculpture
‘The Waking Angel’ by Benjamin Victor
"Hippolyta and the Amazons defeating Theseus" by Jean Broome-Norton (1933)
The Colossus of the Apennines
Just look at that netting
A stunning forest sculpture of a huntress made entirely from willow branches
The Only Terracotta Warrior Believed To Be Found Completely Intact. Buried with emperor
Kevin Francis Gray - Bust of Cáer, 2018 [1000x1500]
This is the tomb of Jules Verne (1828-1905) - can be found in the Cimetière de la
My work in progress, made from scrap mild steel. Weld art. Hope you enjoy. Big love
Bronze sculpture "Trans ī re" by Fredrik Raddum
"Gina" by Robert Graham (1997)
The tallest tree in Wales was damaged due to a storm. An artist named Simon O’Rourke
St. Bartholomew the Apostle (1562) – Marco d'Agrate/ Located at the Milan Duomo.
Duane Hanson - Tourists II, 1988 [750x594]
This is a giant iron tree built into the side of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture
Bronze sculpture, inspired by the Legend of King Arthur, standing at Tintagel Castle.
"Hébé" by Victor Huguenin
"Isis" by Haig Patigian (1907)
14 000 years old bisons sculpture found in Le Tuc d'Audoubert cave, Ariege, France.
Neptuno, Canary Islands, Spain
Wood sculptures by Gabi Rizea
"The End of the Day" by Sally James Farnham
"The Last of the Tribes" by Hiram Powers (1877)
"Hébé" by François Protheau (1865)
Egypt 4500 years priest statue.
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