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[USA][TX] Two officers waiting for a train to pass through
[USA] Corolla gets rear ended hard with SpaceX rocket launch in the background
[USA]Tailgater climbs the ladder of success.
Driving slowly past an active crime scene - Geneva Ave SF 3/21/2018 [USA]
[USA][OC] Apparently I only have one thing to say...
[USA] Sitting at a light waiting to turn
[USA] my dad caught this fool on camera yesterday.
[USA] Yet another driver takes out a cyclist
[USA][OC] Cop Distracted By Phone Plows Head First Into Me
[Canada] Mother of three expects traffic to stop on a dime in a snowstorm
[USA] Cop gets t-boned after failing to stop, arrests other driver for accident
[Sweden] Traffic making way for emergency vehicles
[USA] Instant Karma
[USA] Agressive Jeep driver loses control
[USA] McDonald's Litterbug - Also, watching this made me realize I'm fatter than
[Canada]Truck Driver forgets to lower container
[USA] Cop shoots suspect through windshield
Gotta love these drivers [USA][MD]
[Poland] Littering prohibited
[USA] [CA] California drivers be like..
[USA][MA] Possibly the best thing I have ever seen broken down
[USA] [MD] Amazon truck hits car, keeps on driving
[AU] Koala on the road
[USA][OC] Car runs red light hits me and 2 others
[OC][USA] Brother in law borrowed my wife's car. He didn't know there was a dashcam
[UK] Bound to happen
[USA] Bus ignores 10-ton limit on bridge
[USA] Hit and ran into some karma
[USA][NSFW] Car fleeing Chicago Police crashes and flips over. Death.
[USA] Truck driver loses it
[USA] Cammer has intentional brake checking accident with impatient kid. Continues
[Brazil] Delivery guy having some fun
[AU] Car pulls out in front of a cyclist which results in a bump from behind. Cyclist
[USA][OC] I don't think this guy even noticed what happened
[USA] Impatient Porsche driver is impatient
[USA] NY Nissan driver rages and smashes cammer's brand new 2018 Subaru with a baseball
[USA][OC]"You know what a zipper merge is?" "Yeah but we're in Colorado,
[USA] Police pull over line of cars for passing stopped school bus
[USA] City of Inglewood mayor turns in front of another car causing him to collide
[USA] Kid on my FB just got a BMW
[USA] NYPD stop driver for running red light that was clearly green in dash cam footage
[USA]Car stops traffic on major roadway so kids can do the In My Feelings car challenge.
FIU Bridge Collapse [USA]
[USA] Making a deposit
[USA][VA] When you can't see, it's best to assume it's clear, right?
[USA] Play-by-play commentary of Ford Transit fishtailing all over the road
[Canada][ON][OC] A woman pulls out of her driveway into my lane and reacts to it
[USA] Accident on I-94 in Indiana 2018-12-13
[USA] Woman gives birth in a taxi and the driver is amazing
[Canada] Instant justice for distracted driver (xpost /r/TorontoDriving)
[USA] Tesla Model 3 driver gets pulled over for "having a computer mounted"
[France] [Nice] [ OC ] Truly a Christmas Miracle parking job. Checks handiwork after.
[USA] The Karma Was Instant
I was an aggressive driver before joining this sub
[USA] Typical motorcyclist with anger issues encounters an oblivious, homicidal driver.
[USA] Tulsa Police Officer Texting While Driving Before Crash
[USA][CA]Terrifying High Speed Truck smashes cars on freeway
[USA] Oregon State Trooper having a bad day
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