Open Ima

The Vixen spilling tea
Queen Venus calls out the fandom's double standard
Due to unemployment in the industry, gonna spill some T about the queens in the work
Mimi calls out Rupaul's silence
Miss Aquaria saying what we’re all thinking
Mariah Balenciaga has something to say!
Farrah calls out Trinity
I seen this floating around social media, and it made me screech 🤣🤣
Courtney Act shade queen
Shea subtly makes her feelings about Manila’s situation known.
Pearl reacts to RuPaul and Michelle talking about shit on WTT
Trinity calls out RuPaul’s silence
Lady Red Couture has passed away. Rest in power
Yes, Brita made a shirt and all proceeds go to the Marsha P. Johnson COVID Relief
No slut Sheaming
Aquaria’s comment under WOWs Scarlett Adam’s post 💀
UK Queens vs DU Misogyny
Brita said what she said!
Yvie Oddly spilling T and telling it us straight.
Crystal is suing Laurence Fox for defamation
Jeffrey star blocked Tati and Phi Phi
Gigi using her platform and popularity among young viewers to encourage spreading
Cherry Valentine is not impressed with Tina Burner’s amount of collaborators
Stan Phi Phi
YouTube RPDR asked and they RECEIVED. 🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️
Katya comments on the Meghan McCain drama
Alexis has had it with "fans" sending her hate mail.
Shea responds to a reply from a fan referencing Shangela, Vangie, and Silky’s travel
Ongina reads Cracker on her instastory
Bob coming for Gigi after her long thread about how paying attention is so hard for
Darienne calling it how it is.
Shea liking this tweet is everything
Phi phi stating facts
You don’t love me
pearl Vs Ru part 2 the remix
Joey Jay is sick of your shit
Chi Chi Devayne has passed away.
ginny lemon calling out the uni of worcester for using her image (without consent)
Bob helping a fellow Queen get the support they need right now 💛🥺🙌
Monique drags a 'fan' posing as Sherry Pie
Aquaria showing us how young, white, fashion queens are supposed to behave.
Ellie Diamond gets owned by Scottish railway company for not wearing a mask on the
Etc speaking about the vagina “humour” in this week’s episode
Rupaul appears on NPR boots, admits to fracking Mother Earth down yes gawd mawma
Olivia ruvealing her first choice. Y’all think she’s serious?
Ariel Lawyered Up
[Vintage] NBB Dragging The Soul Out of Nicole Paige Brooks For Calling Her Outfits
A'whora has something to say about Vinegar
Crystal (Drag Race UK) has officially filed a defamation lawsuit against Laurence
Detox commenting on everyone’s flack about her being an Animoji during Read U Wrote
Snagged from the main sub 😂
This was already posted in the main sub but they used the wrong tittle
Jaremi calls out Shangela, Vanjie, and Silky
Heidi’s done already done had herses
How dare you?? 🤬
bob shuts twitter stan DOWN
Derrick; queen of Quotations
OMG so THATS why Tamisha's midsection tended to be covered/uncinched in her garments
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