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A 30 month journey of SARMs use (on and off), album in post
SARMs Guide: A Basic Guide for 99% of the idiots here
Public service announcement on Cardarine. It causes cancer. Let’s talk about *that*
Oh god, what have I done…
Just got diagnosed with an Enlarged Prostate, at 28 years old...
HGH literally saved my life
I’m taking one for the team and rectally administering sr9009 for science and the
S-4/MK-2866/LGD-4033/RAD-140 - Brief Overview - Will update thread & add
To any teenager on this sub: read this
My stack to look like a fake natty
Ecdysteroids and Turkesterone deep dive analysis
What is the point of this sub anymore?
Blasting and crusing from the age of 19. My personal experience with a variety of
Did more plates result in more dates for you?
I’m the sr9009 boofing guy. Quick update
Steroids could cause a permanent increase in hypertrophic potential
Progress pics need to be taken at the same time, in the same room/lighting, in the
Things ive learned from multiple SARM cycles
Day 1 sr9009 Boofing Update (Spoiler Alert: my sacrifice was not in vein brothers
PSA: We actually don’t know shit
Bill to ban SARMS dies in Congress/fails to pass?
What in the fuck
Why the unequal controversy around recreational PEDs?
Warning for RAD140
Off topic but this shit infuriates me... some asshole kicks the deadlift bar out
First cycle report w/ photos - LGD-4033 5mg/day for 8 weeks
For all the newbies - Over the counter PCT supplements do NOTHING!
Does anyone get TOO horny on cycle? I’ve had to jack off at work.
Oxandrolone (Anavar) can protect nerves, regenerate new ones, and restore motor function?
Temp-bans for dumb PCT questions
[META] This sub in a nutshell
Everything you need to know about L-Carnitine
First time Sarm cycle Ostarine. With before and after pics
Why CIALIS is the superior PDE5 Inhibitor for Muscle Pumps
Please check your facts before posting
SARMs Control Act dead (for now)
Fun fact for the week: Paxil, Prozac and Welbutrin make Nolva not work
Counter PSA: Things to look into before believing the “Sarms are not safer than
You short yourself if you do not add a test base.
My frustrating road to TRT and how I got there at 23 years old
SARMS at 18
11 Week Rad140 + Mk677 Cycle - 28lbs Transformation with Pics/Everything You Need
Turning myself in an experiment for a more conclusive result on MK677 as a stand-alone
First time using PEDs, holy s***
Comparison of LGD vs LGD+Toremifene on suppression
Suppression is extremely over exaggerated on this sub
Before you blame the SARMs
Going to jail mid RAD140 cycle
Patience! You're not going to feel like you're on gear after 1 week of a SARM cycle..
My PEDs Experience (LGD-4033, MK-677, GHRP-6, HGH, and more...)
SARMs Was a Gateway to Me Pinning
LGD log
What over a year of continuous Nandrolone use did to me (Mentally, emotionally, &
RAD 140 8 wk Cycle report (InBody scans included)
rad140 crazy gains, is this normal??
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