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Otter mom teaches her baby how to swim
A pup shows off their flippers!
Lincoln the otter being welcomed by the other Otters warms my heart.
Current Mood.
Otter Tree
How cute???
Moms make the best floaties 🦦
Dashing through the snow...
Joey's got the wiggles!
A very cute baby otter :D
Pretty sure this has been in here before but it's still so cute!
Heck this tree!
"Federally licensed wildlife center" Bubbles first solid meal! This little
Thought you guys might like this
Adorable Baby
I found this otterly amazing and relevant.
Little Lupine wiggles too!
Otter bliss
I think I can watch this picture for hours
Mommy And Her Pup Having A Very Nice Nap 😊 (From Daily Otter)
Imagine waking up to this face every morning.
Adorable Baby Otter
I can never get over how sweet the site of a mommy seat Otter caring for their babies
Otter carving I made
He’s throwin it BACK
fuzzy boi
My 1st tattoo. What do you think?
Baby river otter just hanging out after a feeding... (I'm a licensed rehabilitator.
World Otter Day Google Doodle (Just for fun, by imildiko)
guess i’m not the only one that’s ready for fall!
Lupine looking very regal
Update your phones everyone, we got an Otter emoji 🦦
Thought this belongs here
otter ASMR
Meet one of my favourite colleagues, Connie!
Steve really wants his fish
Baby otter
Waiting for the elections results is very scary. So here’s an otter being blerp.
Giving the fans a twirl.
Hanging at the Seattle Aquarium
Otters in ice!
OldSchoolCool otter
A very wise otter indeed
I love how they look both grumpy and cute
Idk what he’s saying but I agree
Who reads these?
EL2005 has been named Lupine at Alaska Sealife Centre!
This picture is my last testimony after this monstruous creature violently booped
First attempt at a cross stitch (one otter went a bit better than the other)
Agent O
Fuzzy river otter
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