Open Ima

Hotspringin’ [OC]
If you won’t skinny dip in 45° water in broad daylight with me, we can’t be
We climbed up into the cave to get a better view
Good morning from my little slice of heaven
On the hotel balcony
Grateful for these hot spring adventures with my friends
My puppy’s first hike
You guys fans of swimming naked? [OC]
Soaking in the hot springs with my sisters
Do you think that fisherman could tell I was naked? Either way, I still love the
Stripping down on a frozen lake [OC]
Naked adventures are better with my friends
Posing nude with my cellulite. I'm not afraid of it :P
A breath of fresh air
eARTh womb [oc]
That feeling you get when you’re on a naked adventure [OC]
New here 🥰 British girl getting naked in as many spots around the US as possible
Doing my thing in some rocks in nevada!
The possibility of being caught is so 🔥🔥
Sunsets on mountain tops make me giddy
Getting out into nature cleanses my soul. Ya feel me?
Nude at the beach with a friend!
Naked at work
Boobs in the woods g(f)
Enjoying this gorgeous weather with a beautiful soul ❤️
I made it back to the dunes
Happiest when I’m hiking with my top off
Naked on my balcony. I hope the neighbours see me!
I am happiest when I am naked outdoors
This is definitely the coldest I’ve ever been while hiking
Taking in the view the best way I know how
Out on a hike
Part way through my hike
Thank you so much for the warm welcome 🥰 Brewing up some goddess tea in some Northern
Nature’s beauty turns me on
It was quite a booty-ful day
Way too many people saw me on this hike!
Showing off on my balcony. I hope a construction worker saw me!
It wasn’t a nude beach until I made it one
There isn’t anything much better than being naked in nature with my pup
A sneaky little paddleboard adventure today!
This naked adventure was my literal dream come true
I had a fellow hiker cheer me on as they passed by, and that made me happy
Another [f]rom our adventure 😄
Climbing on rocks and exploring caves makes us smile
Snow queen at night (f)
It was a bit nipply in Glacier Nat Park
I wish I could just be naked all the time 😩
Just taking in the view together [OC]
Another morning, another naked adventure [oc]
My nipples definitely could this ice
It's backpacking season!
Nice day hanging out with the girls [F]
[F]elt like climbing naked after a long hike
There is a rainbow on my boobies! Loving this cool photo of the waterfall ! [f]
I'm really enjoying these naked adventures [f]
“I’m going on an adventure”- Bilbo Baggins
This is my version of heaven right here
Soaking up the sun on the trail ☀️
Found a new trail today, yay!
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