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I [F 20] am free use to my neighbour [M 37]. AMA
[47F] during the pandemic, I joined Tinder and offered free blowjobs to any man in
[23F] for the last 9 month's, I've woken my boyfriend up every morning with a hand
I am a 4'11, 100 lb woman with size 28J breasts. It doesn't look quite a preposterous
The level of outrageously fake posts in this subreddit is getting asburd...
10 years ago, someone on Yahoo Answers asked "what is the world's hardest substance?"
I Found Out a "Sex Surrogate" is a Job, And I Wanna Do It
I think it's pretty fucked up that the AMA's by men are downvoted. If you don't want
I [20F] am celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my declaration of sluthood! AMA
Three years ago I [39F] was a Christian missionary. This weekend I fucked 25 men
I am a woman who went through a double mastectomy at 23 and now post sexy pictures
I [26F] got fucked in my ass before I took any dick in my pussy... I'm now addicted
I [26F] went for an erotic massage with orgasm "doctor" and it was one
[30 F] I let my husband [32 M] have sex with my mother [56 F]
18 [F] Muslim virgin
I (26F) masturbated in front of and gave a blow job to my roommate (28M) while he
I had so much fun last time that I’m posting again. I’m 4’11” 100lb woman
I [27m] was diagnosed with cancer that may end my ability to have sex. My best friend
I [32M] think it’s “rapey”, my wife [31F] wants me to do it, so I did it. AMA!
I’m a 18 year old girl who has lots of sex!! AMA!! :) (Actually I’m a 30 year
Leaving this AMA. It's full of lies and nonsense
I (F 32) am having sex with my sister's (F 25) husband (M 26) as per her request.
I’ve been a personal trainer for six years and have fucked two dozen married clients.
Heat. I'm home alone and taking a bath. AMA
(23F) I just found my new favorite way to masturbate
I'm (39F) an insatiable married mum of 3 with a very sensible profession yet over
I [18F] just squirted for the first time ever tonight!
My (35F) job responsibilities have essentially been reduced to giving the men in
18 [F] Let's talk about my pussy in this thread
[35F] I'm a gym teacher. I had sex with a student on Wednesday. He's 18. A picture
I [18F] am a sugar baby for a man in his mid 70s. AMA
I [23, f] wear lingerie at work. See in the discription. AMA!
I'm definitely a hot college girl who sleeps around a lot and not some fat guy who
F 44, Indian. I'm a married and a lawyer in a corporate firm and have slept my way
I [F 33] am a personal trainer who loves to sleep with her clients.
[42M] I am a small-town male massage therapist who gives "happy endings"
I [F 42] fucked an intern [M 23] in my firm on his last day with us.
[40F] Drive for Uber and occasionally give hand jobs, oral and fuck my riders AMA
I [27F] used to share a boyfriend with my older sister [29F]
I am always nude under my clothing. AMA
My (34F) husband has no idea what a whore I used to be. No one does. AMA
I’m [f] a slut wife who gets gangbanged by my husband and his friends monthly.
I'm a masseuse [32F] and sometimes if a hot client jokes about 'happy endings' I'll
[F 33] I'm pregnant and I let my neighbour see my swollen boobs today. AMA
My mom is a known porn actress who was incredibly popular in the 90s. I've lived
[23F] My mother [47F] has temporarily moved in with my and my boyfriend.... she walks
Petite Asian, going to surprise a FWB for his bday tomorrow, I’m going to receive
I (44F) agreed to not say no to my husband for a week. That was 4 years ago, I haven’t
I [26F] pornhub amateur model wish to give all my pornhub earnings of march to associations
18 [F] You chose my d-a-r-e: masturbate with shampoo bottle
I [21F] post nudes because it makes me feel good to know my body is helping a man
[F 45] Today my husband and I were invited to a little party (a simple get-together)
[Meta] Can we remove posts were OP does not answer any questions after a certain
I'm going to post a thread on a really taboo subject and then not answer any questions.
Back when Craigslist was a thing, I (43f) used it to jerk, suck, and fuck over 100
I (F22) am headed to a wedding with a plug in my ass and a remote controlled vibrator
I've [39F] been getting naked in public and I get off on sharing the pictures with
I (23f) used to prostitute myself out to guys when I was poor
For the past two months I [F21] have been in a sexual relationship with my boyfriend
Me (21F) and my roommate/FWB/best friend (22M) have a free use deal where we can
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