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The Mycena interrupta species
Entoloma hochstetteri - NZ
Mushroom Nursery (Vancouver BC)
Purple toothed polypore (I think 🤔) beautiful violet color either way!
Bernese Oberlands, Switzerland
Dead Man Fingers fungus
A recent haul from an utterly undisclosed location...
Asheville, NC
I thought this belonged here too.
Not mushroom porn but spore porn :-)
Cute mushroom guide
Found these today (in Holland)
Little orange mushroom from Vancouver BC🧡
These guys took up residence along my driveway
Mushroom pic from behind my home.
Pink oyster 🤩
Found in central Norway’s forests
Orange Boi
All the makings of a classic
Cute patch of tiny mushrooms in North Carolina
Found a cluster of Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata
I think this belongs here ,,
My husband posted this a few days back. Here is an update (using a book as mushroom
I thought maybe you guys would like this.
This fun guy was hanging upside down from some moss. Mycena Pura, Blackwood, VIC,
Beautiful chicken of the wood hiding up in a tree! London, UK
A very photogenic A. muscaria found in New Zealand
Went hiking in West Virginia yesterday and I saw a ton of ghost plants!!! I know
Bike Ride Finds
I wonder if one of these has been posted. Zombie fungus! Rare ophiocordyceps found
Tiny mushroom all alone, does anyone know what type this is its so vibrant I thought
A “koosh” gall on my cedar tree.. It’s a fungal disease known as cedar apple
Not the rain, but mushroom tears. Fomitopsis pinicola. Lenggries, Bavaria.
A nice little oyster cluster I found last year
Found yesterday near Stuttgart, GER
Peeled back some bark and found a toad by these mushrooms.
Colorful oysters I harvested yesterday
Found this beauty
Bright little Amanita Muscaria
Homer, AK
Tamborine Mountain, QLD
UPDATE: it was 3D printed, not by me, but by someone else. It’s a marker for where
I know you all like these (Amanitas)
Morels from Afghanistan 🇦🇫
Natures bounty
My date and I made bbq “pulled pork” tacos with these gorgeous King Oyster mushrooms
Can anyone help me identify this mushroom ? Thanks :)
My friend painted an indigo milkcap and I can't get over how beautiful it turned
Tiny Yellow Jelly Fungi, Mt. Hood National Forest
Excited to see this Amanita muscaria in my front yard!
I visisited the Hungarian Natural History Museum and I thought you guys might like
I created an ongoing collection starting with the first Pink Oyster batch I grew!
Cantherellus sp., a robust, pink Chanterelle from temperate Australia
Maine monsters.
Xeromphalina Campanella
completely forgot about the guy I buried under the flower bed.
mycorrhizal? growing in my momstera pot?
My pink oyster mushroom is releasing spores like crazy.
[OC] Caught the final moments of some Shaggy manes (Cropinus comatus) at work today
My Amnita Harvest today in Alaska
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