Open Ima

My friend painted an indigo milkcap and I can't get over how beautiful it turned
Flooding caused some good conditions in my area
Majestic Blue mycena
Crazy-looking reishi I’m growing
Was told to post this here! Found in Central Valley CA
Found near Vancouver, British Columbia. I wonder what they could be!
is it just me or does this perfect gill structure have an optical illusion effect
King Bolete found in Unalaska. Mushroom soup for an army.
Unbelievable mutation from the wild
The beautiful Parrot Waxcap Mushroom looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland
First flush of chestnut mushrooms
Chicken of the woods I found this summer (OC)
Valentine spore prints because there is so mushroom in my heart
Trichoglossum Hirsutum, black earth tongue
Cortinarius violaceus, or Violet Cort. Oregon Coast
This morel grew on a rock!
This was a cool find.
This iridescent slime mold is called Elaeomyxa Cerifera and it looks like galaxy
Amanita you to stop taking the subreddit name so seriously, lil shroomer
Chlorociboria, which stains the wood blue because their mycelium is just as brightly
Gaze upon me and weep at my loveliness!
Tiny boi in Ecuador!
Feeling like a wizard with this huge Amanita.
Portal of mushrooms 🍄🍄🍄
🔥 Colorful mushrooms
Midnight Sky puffball. Brazilian South.
Best little mushroom cave ever. Found in Georgia.
I love mushrooms. I've been spending my cold autumn days carving sets of mushrooms
Mushroom Forest
These amazing micro-fungi that are smaller than a grain of rice
Aminita Muscaria peeping out of the snow on a PNW hike, Snoqualmie, WA
Bluet, Indian pipe and a special friend
White morel, growing in my flower bed.
Turkey tail mushrooms in Fincastle VA
Calvatia gigantea aka Puffball , we sowed the spores in our yard , we dont treat
I’m growing mushrooms at my farm now. This was my first harvested wine cap
Salt Point State Park - California. Does anyone know what the clear stuff is running
Pink and Golden oysters that I grew. They look so pretty.
Turkey tail mushrooms- powerful medicine ✨
Obviously faeries were involved.
"The Mushroom King" Pink Oysters I grew out of a model skull for a photography
This beauty was gone when I went back the next day
Largest Anamita I’ve ever come across.
SC USA blue oyster mushrooms fourth day blossom.
Fascinated by the tiny worlds amongst us 🍄🧚‍♀️✨
Northeast Pennsylvania
Grew my own pink oysters, what a beautiful organism
Found my first morels!!! Happy Earth Day from Columbus Ohio!
Found this mushroom with a leaf skeleton wrapped around it like a fairy wing.
My new mushroom project. A mini mushroom garden in a planter.
Marasmius Haematocephalus after the rain
Morel sc USA huge!!!
Spider's Mushroom House @ Portugal
Coprinellus disseminatus in a cave of wonders.
Picture perfect Amanita muscaria I saw today in Oregon
Parrot waxcap. Instagram- koai.lo
Look at all those chickens
Not sure if Slime Mold fits in here. Beautiful though.
Amongst the mushrooms
Yellow Morels are popping in Hocking county, OH
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