Open Ima

All of a sudden “Law & Order” doesn’t apply?
Did they really think that answer was a good one?
Gas pump (doesn't) go brrrrr
That's just how it is though, isn't it?
Better hope his house doesn't catch on fire!
Why is "Lunch Debt" a thing that is allowed to exist?
Waddaya say, then?
Don't defend corporations, they will not return the favor
Murdered with one word almost 3 years later
Jonah Hill puts the Daily Rag in its place
Due for some good luck eventually
Oh, no! Anything but that!
I'm gonna take the surgeon's side on this one
Just plain brutal
Do some research before spouting nonsense
And then there's Kanye...
Am I so out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong.
I like the second guy’s energy
Someone on the Walmart social media team has had enough of COVIDiots
A beautiful way to call someone a selfish, entitled twat
Jurgen Klopp's response when asked about Coronavirus
That went over like a lead balloon
You dense mother f@#ker!
$10 to clean the bathroom?!
She'd like to speak to the manager
Gravity falls creator alex hirsch murders disney with words
Get wrecked...
A short history lesson
Two can play that game.
Say it like you mean it
USA! USA! We're number 1... except when it comes to medical expenses
Ironic how that works, huh?
I love Arnold's wholesome murders
this chick spews the most outrageous stuff
Whoever runs Wendy's Twitter account needs a raise
Such delicate snowflakes
Do as I say....
In the interests of public safety
Holy hell! Call the morgue
Hits it right on the nose
FBI? This tweet right here
If he were here he'd consume these morons with fireballs from his eyes and bolts
Pick me, pick me!
Very fine people, on both sides
Laws are for lesser beings, now go away
"I Don’t Understand Marches"
I've had a 32" TV for longer than I'd like to admit
Very strange, indeed
Murdered by laws
The first guy was sooo close
"One nation, under God"
Millennials are destroying the eating industry
Fuck you, Scottie
I know, I know! It's the second one, right?
Tear gas civilians, they bring gas masks. Wow what a coincidence.
On a comment thread about UPS and USPS workers
Then why get a dog???
Why do old people insist on doing this?
Murdered by numbers?
Yeah, that'll work
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