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I had a brain tumor removed. I asked the neurosurgeon to take a before &
A corpse sitting up due to the effects of rigor mortis
Fun fact: these are the clearest images we have of an egg leaving the ovaries. This
Facial reconstruction during World War I (1916-1917) [Colorized]
Somehow managed to step on a manicuring tool while doing my nails on the couch. I
A lung removed from a COVID-19 survivor. The patient has received a lung transplant.
Baby contracted a herpesvirus few days after birth causing brain infection. 90% of
Dropped a full cup of boiling hot tea right on my dick half a year ago, 2nd degree
My niece got attack by her bf’s mastiff today
Take your ring off before touching your cars’ battery.
Parasitic twin found in brain
Angle grinder right to the face, look at that beautiful repair!
Results of trying to jump a school fence
Infection spread from meth injection
Got all my teeth removed today. This was directly after
Been almost a year since my husband’s hip disarticulation to remove his left leg,
My wife had a hysterectomy 2 days ago due to heavy and very painful periods. She
A man got a pipe pierced through his chest in a car accident. He reportedly lost
This is a very very unfortunate case of patau syndrome, a syndrome in which all of
Dad got a kidney transplant today. Here's one of his old ones. (PKD)
Rubber Bullet To Forehead(George Floyd Protest/Riot)
My face after 3rd degree burns
A man who attempted to push an obstruction through a wood chipper using his foot,
A leg cut in half but still connected by the major arteries
My grandma fell and nearly scalped herself.
We do not judge in the NHS... But...
my buddy was playing hockey when he got a knee in the thigh, ruptured his femoral
“Going through my battle with MRSA” or “How I lost all the skin on my left
last year when my cat knocked over a champagne bottle, exploded & a shard
By popular demand, I scrounged up a case that includes a before and after! Story
Sarcoma removal and skin/blood vessel/muscle/nerve grafts from thigh. I'm now cancer
My friend's vape pen exploded on her face
Aftermath of a white shark attack
So my friend had a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and keeps his foot in
[NSFW] Had a colonoscopy last week to check for ulcerative colitis and instead they
Shocking A Heart Back Into Proper Rhythm
Here is an interesting gross picture showing a uterus dissected during menstrual
Motorcycle + flip flops = floppy foot
Asked a friend if he could meet for a drink. Said he’d be unavailable due to a
Maggots infestation. Warning VERY NSFW
My broken arm, I broke it in wrestling
Hand blown off by firework
Preserved head with spine 😳
Don’t dive into bodies of water of unknown depth, kiddos! You might have a bad
Shit eating chihuahua = septic shock. After 11 days in ICU with multiple organ failure.
Fireworks Accident
Paralyzed motorcycle driver didn’t realize he was dragging his feet.
Bear Attack in India. The man didn't make it.
Not so much gore but educational 🤩
Boat Propeller vs Leg
Removal of Intestinal worms - Ascaris lumbricoides.
Jaw hanging on by 1cm of skin after horse riding accident
My wrist laceration from a couple weeks ago, caused by glass. Hit both arteries,
If these aren’t allowed I 100% understand, these are just so amazing. Healed injuries
Severe facial injury due to car crash & not wearing a seat belt
a post-mortem exam revealing an egg sized meningioma attached that was attached to
Hand caught in paper shredder... saw on reddit 5050
One of several gashes from when my ex tried to kill me
Aftermath of 10 plantar warts removed
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