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I makeup meme’d myself. What do you think?
I did my friend’s makeup for her graduation photos
I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding in April. My goal is to still
graphic copper
I gave my mumma a makeover! 😊
Trial Run Wedding Makeup (the date is a bit away but I want to be extra prepared
Played around with a neon lights look since I didn't have to go to work
You call her an icon and then you spit on her legacy with your flawless blending
My wife is away on a work trip so I thought I would surprise her with a new vanity.
Saw someone on here make a vanity for their wife while she was away. I went to Target
my prom was supposed to be on saturday. it got cancelled, but that didn’t stop
Today’s stay at home birthday look ~
Glowy Winter Makeup on Dark Skin
Unapologetically Black 🖤👑 • • • It is Black Solidarity Day and this is
Experimenting with some bright blue liner today
“Violet... you’re turning violet!” (Violet Beauregarde/Willy Wonka)
YoU wEaR tOo MuCh MaKeUp
ULTA >>>> Sephora
Who else has been personalized victimized by their points system?
When people compliment how “flawless” my skin is...meanwhile💀 I think I’ve
i call this look “avoiding the 7 page paper i have to do” 😌
Two days of competition makeup got me to the podium as America's 2nd Strongest Pro
Me: I won't use foundation so I can be more natural. Also me: *glues crystals to
I did my friend’s makeup
Before and after~ Improved soft glam look, took some of the advice from this sub
Holi (indian festival of colors) inspired makeup look
My coworker said he hates women with heavy makeup, so naturally this is how I came
Juneteenth makeup look
Rainbow Monolid Makeup Look
Was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got inspired!
Subtle(ish) Foxy eye look
Ever since I was diagnosed with vitiligo I've been called "cow" and "dalmatian",
Daytime Makeup
Decided to break out the red lip for a virtual presentation I’m giving in about
Makeup has been a godsend while I’ve transitioned (mtf) 4 years later and I’m
Seductive Vampire Monolid Makeup Look
I legit could not get a flattering angle of this look 🤣😂🤷🏾‍♀️ purple
very nervous to post my face but here is a b&a from tonight 💜 ccw!! :)
We planned a small wedding ceremony in a week and a half so I decided to do my own
Did my 88 year old grandma’s makeup!
100% spending valentines day this year with no valentine, but that doesn’t mean
First time using a white like eyeshadow
Wedding day makeup. My MUA did an AMAZING job. I look flawless and airbrushed!
This headscarf and blue lipstick may be a new thing for me (x-post from r/brownbeauty)
couldn’t resist matching my makeup to my nails- inspo from designer lirika matoshi!
Taking two faced to a whole new level.
tried to capture the feeling of being in a family that has no idea you’re gay af
My mom wanted a natural look for her headshots. I think I did good!
a recreation of Madison Beer’s graphic liner look on my double lids :)
Rainbow Graphic Liner on Monolids
How to soft halo eye 🏵️
When people tell me ‘I love how natural you look, so nice to see someone who doesn’t
Getting married in an hour, did my own makeup!
The "water" was painted on my face using only makeup. This took me 4-5
A look i did for Lunar New Year 2020
Painting my face again ☁️☁️☁️
Watch my smoke 💨
What better time to experiment with makeup than during online classes
Makeup for when I'm drinking boxed wine with my cat.
I did my makeup in stop motion today.
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