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[Project] From books to presentations in 10s with AR + ML
[D] A Demo from 1993 of 32-year-old Yann LeCun showing off the World's first Convolutional
[R] First Order Motion Model applied to animate paintings
[N] AI can turn old photos into moving Images / Link is given in the comments - You
[D] This AI reveals how much time politicians stare at their phone at work
[D] Types of Machine Learning Papers
[D] The machine learning community has a toxicity problem
[P] Using oil portraits and First Order Model to bring the paintings back to life
[Project] NEW PYTHON PACKAGE: Sync GAN Art to Music with "Lucid Sonic Dreams"!
[D] Convolution Neural Network Visualization - Made with Unity 3D and lots of Code
[P] Doing a clone of Rocket League for AI experiments. Trained an agent to air dribble
[R] Consistent Video Depth Estimation (SIGGRAPH 2020) - Links in the comments.
[R] [RIFE: 15FPS to 60FPS] Video frame interpolation , GPU real-time flow-based method
[R] Wolfenstein and Doom Guy upscaled into realistic faces with PULSE
[D] Siraj has a new paper: 'The Neural Qubit'. It's plagiarised
A little seasonal homage... [P]
[R] Neural Color Transfer between Images
[D] Types of Machine Learning Papers
[D] An example of machine learning bias on popular. Is this specific case a problem?
[R] Adversarial Latent Autoencoders (CVPR2020 paper + code)
[P] Trained an AI with ML to navigate an obstacle course from Rocket League
[D]Neural-Style-PT is capable of creating complex artworks under 20 minutes.
[P] I trained a GAN to generate photorealistic fake penises
[P] SkinDeep, Remove Tattoos using Deep Learning. GitHub Link in comments.
[P] Creating "real" versions of Pixar characters using the pixel2style2pixel
[P] Vscode extension that automatically creates a summary part of Python docstring
[P] StyleGAN2-ADA trained on cute corgi images <3
[R] Vid2Player: Controllable Video Sprites that Behave and Appear like Professional
[P] Toonifying a photo using StyleGAN model blending and then animating with First
[P] I trained a recurrent neural network trained to draw dick doodles
[P] Cross-Model Interpolations between 5 StyleGanV2 models - furry, FFHQ, anime,
[R] Deep Image Analogy
[P] Pose Animator: SVG animation tool using real-time human perception TensorFlow.js
[P] Python implementation of Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) algorithm for Super
[D] Why can't you guys comment your fucking code?
[P] Introducing ArtLine, Create amazing Line Art Portraits. GitHub Link in comments
[P] I made Communities: a library of clustering algorithms for network graphs (link
[D] A Super Harsh Guide to Machine Learning
[R] AI Learns Playing Basketball Just Like Humans! []
[R] Clova AI Research's StarGAN v2 (CVPR 2020 + code, pre-trained models, datasets)
[Project] From any text-dataset to valuable insights in seconds with Texthero
[R] RigNet: Neural Rigging for Articulated Characters
[P] Keras Implementation of Image Outpaint
[D] Siraj Raval - Potentially exploiting students, banning students asking for refund.
[R] AlphaFold 2
[P] Landing the Falcon booster with Reinforcement Learning in OpenAI
AMA: We are the Google Brain team. We'd love to answer your questions about machine
[D] If you had to show one paper to someone to show that machine learning is beautiful,
[N] 4 Months after Siraj was caught scamming he has still not refunded any victims
[P] Real-time Mask RCNN using Facebook Detectron
[P] YOLOv4 — The most accurate real-time neural network on MS COCO Dataset
[P] I made an AI that can drive in a real racing game (Trackmania)
[P] Trained a Sub-Zero bot for Mortal Kombat II using PPO2. Here's a single-player
[P] Tutorial: Real-time YOLOv3 on a Laptop Using Sparse Quantization
[D] Dedicated to all those researchers in fear of being scooped :)
We are Oriol Vinyals and David Silver from DeepMind’s AlphaStar team, joined by
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