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he can’t resist my ass ;)
How long would you last? [F] [OC] [19]
How long would you last?(;
Just firing back at the "only gripping cos you're not wet" crew 🥴
Can my grip on my clear dildo tempt you?(;
I know grip is tempting(;
It's not just my grip that's impressive 😋
What do you like more my clear dildo or my lips that grip?😈
this post is brought to you by the snow that cancelled my classes this morning [oc]
I wonder how long you'd last 🤔
Just for you guys - got a hollow glass dildo so you can really see the grip 😇
Doing my thing.
Got a clear dildo so you could see my grip better, what do you think?(;
I never post things like this on reddit but the way my super tight pussy grips is
My lips most definitely grip🥵
You guys suggested putting rubber bands on my book to make riding easier, so here's
It's been a bit since I shared my grippy lips
My first submission here!! 🥳
i hope i make your monday a little better
You wish it was you
Gripping & creaming
It's not just my grip that's impressive😉
My grip is pretty strong :)
Good grip? right daddy? 🥵
Hippie Alice White fucks and gets fucked
How long would you last with my lips that grip?🤔😏
You can’t tell me these lips don’t grip(;
Grippy, even when wet
Was asked for front view instead, how's this? 😜
I love reverse cowgirl because I know he’s admiring my ass
I love gripping until I get filled
Fuck me from the side? 😉😚
My lips would rather be gripping your cock
Slow motion grip?! (OC)
Do you think my lips that grip put me on the naughty or nice list this year?(;
Doesn't matter how wet I get, I grip on tight ;)
I wanted to play while he was playing online with his friends
Pound Town
my favorite way to do squats is on dick [oc]
Riding Dildo In Miniskirt - Lizashultz
Getting Fucked Doggy Style [X-Post from /r/NSFW_GIF]
A Sight to Behold [X-Post from /r/nsfw_gifs]
How strong is your pull out game? 😜
Amateur grip
I am speechless
Don’t let my finger in my ass distract you from my lips that grip(;
Like a sleeve with a thum' in the bum
Enjoy my grippy lips :p
Targaryen Death Grip
Oh my lips definitely grip(;
Gripping my 9 inch dildo
Those Lips That Grip Caw Caw
how does my grip look in slow motion? [oc]
My pussy lips sucking cock
Got grip?!
just wow
I hear you like high-quality closeups of pussy lips?
Does my grip impress you? 😈❤️
My lips that grip would destroy you😈
I love bouncing up and down slowly. Watch how the grip increases
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