Open Ima

A meme I made last year
I made a new card 🌸 please rate her πŸ‘
2560x1440 Wallpaper
Hey Guys, what do you think of my first scene? The character should look like an
Oh no a creeper!
Velma Dinkley
Does anyone have a card of this character? My friend found her on pixiv but then
All my cards (680).
My first time using KK and Chara Studio
My personal card
Tried Out Sunshine, Made Some Girl
My Newest Creation
My attempt at a Romanian peasant girl
Some cards I made.
If anyone knows who made the chara it would be appreciated lmao. :v
i found koikatsu irl! station name is shimohokuzawa station, it’s a station that
The state of my school right now
...99 More to Go
I made pinup model Tessa Fowler in KP. This took me too long but dangit it was fun.
Streetwear Raphtalia
How to Make your Koikatu Waifu for Beginners
I only started using Charastudio about a week ago and wanted to post my progress
Tried my hand at recreating a certain character hue.
Hi, i got this character card from discord and i have see in this image different
4k Wallpaper
At the beach (OC)
So uh, an image I made of Tari appeared in an episode of Hobo Bros
Additional images - >
I find story mode to be... Interesting.
A guide on how to get BetterRepack, HF Patch and Kplug working together (with links)
Amagi Oath Skin (Azur Lane)
Making Different Body Types: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls
Card link in comments. Enjoy
Tried playing around in studio for once
Nintendo Girls Playing a Prank on Link
Been practicing on how to make scenes. It's not the best but I think its quite good
This game is VR is the fucking best thing I have ever experienced
When you're new to the studio, but still tries your best
I for god knows why, voted for this.
Original character
Was really proud of this Raven I made. (Card in comments)
Fox girl
Made it in 3 hours.. This is Amatsuka Erena from "Motto! Haramase! Honoo no
New mod, will reduce spam.
new character!
My first serious character creation...figured Shantae would be an easy start... sorry
Amagi (Azur Lane) models (default & swimsuit)
Pike Queen Lucy
Ruitgart Lydia from "Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!"
The school nurse from the story mode turned into a succubus!
Touch and she wacks you.
600+ cards im saving for a rainy day
Created Uzaki as close to the og as possible. Took me 5-6 hours in one go bc i was
Character design things
Getting Started
Hands up you Fascist suka !
Today I worked more on lighting and shadows, and I finally figured out how to rotate
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