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My friend and I made Japanese curry and we had to make our bowls cute as possible.
Hokkaido’s lavender farm’s lavender ice cream!
Japanese Food Illustrator: I’m an American illustrator living in Tokyo who specializes
I painted some okonomiyaki today! One of my more complicated food illustrations.
Growing sawa Wasabi in Northern California!! @shasta_wasabi
Happy new year with home made Osechi
My first tonkotsu ramen
Japanese style fruit sandwich cake
Homemade Bento lunch
Takoyaki with all the fixins, from a food stand in Harajuku.
My first attempt at Shoyu Ramen.
Eel Dish that I had in Osaka
Your average train fare
Salmon Ikura Hotate Kaisendon
Japanese word of the day. Kuchisabishii
Today's Bento with tamagoyaki, spam musubi, a shitake bao, and more!
Japanese Potato Curry
I painted a picture of hot soba with ebi tempura. Missing this simple meal I had
First time making shabu shabu at home
Happy new year!
My first food illustration painted in 2021! I ate some unusual dango recently at
Tempura overflowing on my rice
Happy new year!!
first attempt at making gyoza
Meals in Japanese birthing clinic
I just made some onigiri for the first time! 🐟💫 They are hand-shaped and inside
Chinese Zodiac Gyoza
Japanese supermarket dinner.
Curry katsu with a twist
Soufflé pancakes in Tokyo!
I've attempted okonomiyaki multiple times, but I think this is the prettiest one
Lunch is the best deal... about $11
Been a sushi chef for almost 2 years, what do you guys think?
My first attempt at tonkatsu ramen from scratch!
Lunch set 900¥
Rilakkuma Onigiri 🐻
Halloweenigiri!! 🍙🎃
Was pretty proud of this one 🥰
Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki
My mom and I made pandan flavored japanese cheesecake for the first time!
Chicken katsu onigirazu~
I painted (and ate!) a classic Japanese breakfast! Onigiri, Miso, and Pickles!
Gyouza party with some sides
Poke with gyoza and miso soup
Sushi dinner
"Make your own Sushi, it's easy!" said a friend... 3 days later this was
This makes miso happy 🤤
Tonkatsu curry
I ate & painted hiyayakko tofu! Hiyayakko is food mostly eaten in the summer.
Crispy Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Balls)
Does this count? Conbini haul. Much better than what we get here in North America.
Fast food in Japan is unreal
Matcha soft cream
Our Black Butte Spring Wasabi are back from a long winters rest!!!
My drawing of mango soft cream from Miyazaki Airport
Lunch bento
Enjoying the cherry blossoms and homemade Hanami dango
Heard you like tonkatsu
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