Open Ima

San Francisco Botanical Garden
Greener Grass - IR Chrome | Switzerland [OC]
590 miami e30
Infrared Experiment
Miami florida on b+w 092 filter
The Oregon Coast
Hollywood in Infrared
Confusing perspective
Mokoli’i Islet, Kāneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii | 550nm
Old Oaks
New York City in Infrared
Kolari IRChrome
The Arch [960x1440] [OC]
Park Maintenance
Byodo-In Temple (Hawaiʻi) • IRChrome on Kolari Pocket
Gloomy afternoon at Château de Sceaux, Paris FR
State Park in Delaware l 850nm converted A6000
Europa Point - Converted 5DMKII 550nm
Lake Hollywood
Taking the Lumix LX5 for a walk was a good idea
Lake Baldwin
Weeping Willows - Converted Sony A58 - 720nm
MIAMI moon
Los Angeles
Walk in the Park — 850nm converted Sony A6000
One of my first infrared pics
Destination unknown
It doesn’t snow in most of Hawaiʻi so a mostly white scene is veryyyyy strange
The ordinary meets the unusual. Sony A6000 and Kolari Vision 550 nm
Landscapes of Kamakura (Photo by Yuuui)
overgrown grave [OC]
Roe in the woods — 720nm
San Francisco, CA (IrChrome)
Miami on Infrared
Chaihuin, Chile. 2015.
Playing around with my first full spectrum camera and a 720nm filter
Second attempt, 550nm filter nikon D5600
Ripples | 850nm Converted Sony A6000
Burgess Falls, TN
The House Out Back
My favorite waterfall. Winter shot at 550nm. Can’t wait to go out in the spring/summer
Full-Spectrum Lumix G8 unfiltered
Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Full-spectrum Canon 6D, B+W 090 filter
720nm to BW, Cloudy Day
Villa Taranto, Italy
Advertising Video Billboard at Piccadilly Circus without the Ads as IR blocks the
Prehistoric Forest at the LA County Arboretum before the rain
Basketball court [OC]
Red white and blue
South Beach, Miami for the win.
A path in the Prehistoric Forest at the LA County Arboretum
Brașov România in the summer
Infrared Persimmons - 550nm
Dubai Infrascape by Paolo Pettigiani [1400x2097]
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