Open Ima

Abandoned by Astero
A Minecraft build inspired by this community
I’ll Be With My Books by Bilquis Evely & Matheus Lopes
The South Gate by Lownine
Castle of Mushrooms Mountain by Kotakan
Winter In The School City by Lownine
The Royal Baths by Eddie Mendoza
One of my pieces from this year. It's called 'Fishing for Escher'
Myst by Inward
Mega Barn by Matt Gaser
New green urbanism [OC]
Tavern Town by Eddie Mendoza
City Concept by Avant Choi
Asymmetric corridors with sunny yellow interiors
The Isle by IG:lookskywotah
Fountain Mountain by Kotakan
Hanging Gardens by Hyunsu Cha
Temple of Kievan Rus by Ben Redekop
Spirited Away Bathhouse by SeerLight
The Shelter by Inward
Raymond Hood Skyscraper Bridge proposal (1929)
The observatory [OC]
Fallen keep and the copperbark trees [OC]
Machine Tower by chocoshi
Civilization 3.0 by Annibale Siconolfi
The Museum by Arthur Yuan
Underground River Tram by Ivan Tantsiura
Floating village - the market, by me
The Cross by Earl Lan
The Witch's Quarter by Eddie Mendoza.
Half Remembered Ruins by Jorge Jacinto
"The Marsten's house", by me, black ink + digital, 2021
I drew a spaceship based on a printer I opened
Cowboy Bebop by SeerLight
Norse Church by Raphael Lacoste
Lost World by Godwin Akpan
Import Market by Kirsten Zirngibl
Sci fi city_0517 by Won Jun Tae.
1001 Cathedrals by Anthony Brault
Grand Space Mosque by Maciej Drabik
Water Mill by Ausonia
Bestiary #55 by Ausonia
Hello guys, i was unable to do much on this Artwork due to me being bed ridden for
Babylonian Tower by Stepan Grudinin
Megacity, by me
The Lost City of Mithra by Mari K
The City of Immortals by Luis Medina
Oculus VR home by John Wallin Liberto
The Arch by Yu Yin
Chinese Imperial Architecture by Anda Sung
Castle O Gate by Paperblue
City in Dust by Philipp Lykostratis
Imaginary watchtower, a quick sketch during quiet periods at work!
House Concept by Andrej Rempel
Permanent Agriculture Garden by Alex Rommel
Four-legged Skyscraper by Piero Portaluppis
Over the Falls by Daniel Merriam
Ghost town [OC]
Hemi House_62 by Min Seub Jung
Waterfall House by Asur Misoa
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