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Met a new wife on another trip and she took me for a ride 🏇
NYC Redditor’s girl had such a pretty pussy
I’d say my first year as a hotwife was pretty successful. Hopefully I’ll be able
Date idea: go to dinner to show him what you did last night while he was working
Nothing beats the feeling of a new dick sliding in
First time Hotwife u/CaliWife13 taking my cock like a champ. Turn the volume up!
Fucked three dicks today and ended up with 7 loads total. I love the lifestyle!
My first BBC - if this gets a lot of love I’ll post the video!
My husband could tell at this point i was going to fuck him without a condom......i
Giving hubby the view of his life 💦 [F22]
I love bringing hubby's biggest fantasies to life 😏 [F22]
First Hotwife Experience!
daddy's friends love coming over :) [18F]
When my girlfriends ask what it's like to fuck a college stud instead of my husband,
Husband let me have another redditor's cock for my birthday :)
Typical weekend
Remember her? It has been an honor to be their best man for this very hot weekend
Her boyfriend wanted her to come to one of our parties ☺️ we are happy to welcome
I love when my husband brings his friends over “for a few drinks” lol
My bulls cock is so big I don’t even know how I take it all 🥵
I know foreplays important but 🤯
My hubby's friend stopped by the other evening for a beer......said he was having
I went on my first tinder date without hubby. It still ended the same as they all
My friend wanted to know what it’s like to be a hotwife, so I brought her upstairs
I'm still sore since Friday! but so worth it!
She finally tried dp 😈😈 (F) 27 (M) 28. Was a blast 🔥🔥
What lucky friends my husband has! I always make visiting cock feel warm and welcome
How would you react if you received these snaps from your wife/girlfriend? 🙊
He made me TAP OUT 🥵 and hubby jacked off to every second of it
Having so much fun taking my husband and bull's cocks at the same time!!! 😈
Gave the absurdly sexy u/hotwifelyn94 her first bbc and her hubby captured her creaming
I’m hooked on sucking cocks thicker than my husbands .. Hoping more like this come
Got to play with this unbelievably sexy Reddit hotwife
Hubby's favorite things to do while I bounce on my bull🤪
Hubby's favourite sight is always my first slide down on my bull's raw cock 💦
In a park, in a car...when you have a cock like this I will suck it anywhere 🔥
Stopped by my place on her way home from work. Before leaving we sent this to hubby
One year ago today, I got fucked by only my second cock ever and officially became
Her husband let her sleepover this time which meant extra creampies for her 💦
My bull doesn't even bother asking if he needs to wear protection anymore 💦 [F22]
The masquerade party went well! I’m pretty sure the neighbors husband still knew
My wife looks perfect sucking her bulls cock. She deserves this
Something so sexy about taking care of a married woman’s sexual needs 😈🔥😈
Most of our holidays end at a hotel room and me fucking someone other than my husband
My fiancé is really sweet to let me have my friend over for a much needed stress
He gave my hubby a room key and a told him what floor, it wasn’t hard to find which
Love the way you can hear the pounding of the big cock on my pussy while I suck off
Hubby loves when I make the whole thing disappear
My legs open even easier for a fellow redditor 😏 [F22]
Nothing hotter than the first hookup ;) my friends love sharing me
Had fun pounding u/hotwife_brooke on my trip
I’m a hotwife because hubby cums too fast
Getting absolutely destroyed while hubby watches and waits for his turn 😈
The beginning of the nights, is by far the hottest.
I pulled down his pants and saw his massive cock for the first time......😲😻
I'm addicted to riding other redditors, hubby is addicted to filming me 😍 [F23]
This NY redditor messaged and then sent me his gorgeous wife an hour later. Think
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