Open Ima

My dad paints but refuses to show his work to anyone. I'm really proud of him and
An experiment in my sketchbook, had this idea late and night and had to try it out.
Like a black ocean flooding your mind
Another pencil drawing, this one titled withdrawal
Extraterrestrial Notes [OC]
A miner's kid from Turkey drew this.
Street art.
Guilt, new graphite piece I finished up today
Flip book by me, ink/paper
I think I'm sick and I want to go home
I was asked to draw Zeusophobia (the fear of god) for a group project. I think I
Probably my most "Heavy minded" acrylic painting.
“And if you ever feel scared, alone, or just want to talk, you know how to call
I Can't Paint (x-post r/art)
A little drawing I have been working on, my dog is underwhelmed.
French Artist, Dran
Animation experiment
Loss, a new graphite drawing
All 31 of my inktober illnesses/disorders. (My interpretations)
The Procession by Simon Stålenhag
The weirdest thing Ive ever painted "The Masquerade"
Pretty dark
For a minute there I lost myself
Insomnia - Alex Grey
You are the Universe experiencing itself
Pain is relative (xpost /pics)
After being brutally attacked in 2002, Jason Padgett now sees the world in geometric
Friend doesn't think he's talented enough to post here.
My Gf is an amazingly talented sculptor, who is just trash at self promotion. Thanks
I have to keep doing it. Art by Canis Infernalis
I lost my passion for art a while ago and almost all but gave it up in order to pursue
A fear to try due to a fear to fail. [OC]
My schizophrenic friend's heavy mind art can't be kept a secret, he told me just
A piece I just finished last night... Slavery. Acrylic on canvas.
Into the void. My attempt at sacred geometry
My latest Acrylic Painting
Art by Simon Stalenhag
Reincarnation (xpost /r/Art)
A preliminary sketch for a painting titled 'turning inwards'
My latest acrylic painting "Exit"
x-post from r/zombies. Thought this picture fit in here well.
I only exist in the light, new drawing I finished today
Black Hole by Paul Hoi
This is one of my favorite comics.
Has art ever stabbed you in the heart like a knife?
A pencil drawing I made about Depersonalization I experienced last year
"Powerful street art"
I spent 50 hours filling a square with trippy mandala type shapes. What do you think?
Satirical image by Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski
This comic suggests an interesting thought.
A long exposure I took while I was sleeping
I drew my interpretation of The Seven Deadly Sins
Had an incredibly difficult week averaging 2 hours of sleep. Painted this to portray
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