Open Ima

Every time this post gets liked, her cock twitches
The future is now, old man!
A man can dream...
You tried to resist but you want more of her cock ~
He wasn't careful enough [Not mine just sharing] [Artist : cheesecrumbles]
You're her new Princess now ~
Your son calls me Mommy too ~ Your futa GF has priority ♡
I prefere this version
Don't ask how she got your number [MILF] [Kinky]
Oral Lesson
Just a quickie ♡ [Loving] (Let me know what you think about the new caption style
Your bully will never see you the same way as before [School] [Blowjob] [Bulge] [Bully]
Where do we sign?
You don’t know how you got here but you’re not exactly complaining
Getting fucked by the hot RWBY sisters [RWBY, Pet-Play, Implied DP]
You summon a hung succubus but it's no beginner mistake ♡
Stay quiet while she binds you ♡ ~
You've always been into gentle futa milf ~
On your quest for glory, you were put in your place
I don't think she noticed
She's older but she seems nice, so it's okay right? ♡ ~ [MILF]
The direct approach works sometimes (u/someguywithphotoshop)
Human futa was not enough for you, so you went for bigger and stronger ♡ [Loving
Your new classmate
Don’t wake Mommy
Hide and Seek with your girlfriend [Loving] (Read as columns left first then right♡)
She caught you ~ You will never leave this castle ♡
You can't escape Lady Alcina ♡ ~
You are caught completely off-guard by this
Orc Mommy is what I want ♡ [Loving]
We all know what she wants it's can you take it is the question
First she'll try romancing
The big futa has a crush on you ~ [Strong Loving Dom]
You don't know it but you make your favourite streamer super horny ♡ ~
You used to be scared of futadom, then you met Jess ♡ [Wholesome] [Binding] [Couple]
Yoga and stretching
Goth Candy ~ ♡
O-oh no, what a terrible trap to fall into! Oh the humanity!
A single night was all she needed to conquer you ♡ ~ [Loving Owner]
Not exactly a caption, but thought some of you might enjoy this
Gym Partners
The last thing you remember is gasping for air on your Futa owner’s thick shaft...
Get back where you belong
Your First Trip to the Glory Hole Turned Out Better Than You Thought! [Soft Dom]
It was clearly an accident. Right? [Artist: Asurauser]
Do as she says
You just reunited with your best friend after 10 years ♡
Your lightweight wife has waited far too long for the day to be over~! [Caption:
Let her bind you and accept you were made to be her male ♡
Took you long enough to confess your feelings.
She finally found one
You lost your tennis game disgracefully, and now you'll lose all of your dignity
Having some fun with your hot girlfriend
Your auntie and cousin give you a warm welcome!
Just a regular day at the beach in the Empire ♡
Meet your optimized Mommy Dom ♡
You're sitting at home one night when suddenly your phone gets a notification. You
Morning with your lovely owner ~
Oh so thats how you do it. Well now I just feel silly [artist: red7cat]
Fit Futa GF. The real She-Stud ♡
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