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The natural beauty that is cabbage [x-post /r/pics][1000x1024]
Some school kids made a 17 meter tall sierpinski pyramid. [2048×1361] (X-post from
Quarantine Cleaning - Day 10: Found this on the side of my house. 🤪 Fractal art
Mandelbrot meets Fibonacci
Deep zoom into the Burning Ship [300x190] [gif] [oc]
The Matrix Cave (mandelbulb v1.8.9)
Generative functions, rendered as pancakes. [604x604]
The underside of a giant water lily
Here is a fractal blanket I made based on Koch's Snowflake [1936x2592]. (x-post from
Xenophilia. Render One. More sizes incoming in the comments in the next 3 days. [1920x1080][OC]
Cycles.....  WOOOSH WOOOSH [OC][447x212]
Made with a program I've been working on
Burn pattern from a downed power line (x-post from /r/pics) [540x720]
Aloe polyphylla plant [2032x1524]
Blooming flame by fractist [800x800]
Someone suggested I post this here. Forest Canopy in Coromandel, New Zealand [3456
One of Benoît Mandelbrot's original printouts while working out the formulae he's
Simon Beck creating gigantic pieces of art in the snow
Fractal Centaur?
Another Iteration [OC, Created with Apophysis]
Coral polyps by fractist [1280x720]
Found Me in the Cold [OC, Created with Apophysis]
Fractal Orgy by Factkali [OS] [1,191px × 670px]
Hive by dainbramage1
Power 8 Mandelbulb with volumetric rendering and global illumination algorithms in
My favourite natural fractal: Romanesco broccoli [2896x1944]
I downloaded Mandelbulb3d last week and have been tinkering with it non stop since
Day 6 of quarantine cleaning: I found this growing in the back of my closet. 🤪
Fractal cube structures
IRL fractals visible in the growth pattern of an ammonite septum
This is the Ranganathswamy Temple in India
First fractal I made from scratch, and I'm very proud of it: "Qualitative Data
I made my favorite Julia Set into a gif [OC] [1751x1001]
My friends and I had no teacher in our extension maths class. So we came up with
Fractal Bacterial Colony [400x400]
Oriental Blue 4K
i introduce toy you: mandelbruh
Mandelbrot Island [1280x960]
Klein wood, an unusual piece of wood we've found in the endless realm of FractalLand.
Fractal for your mouth 👄
Fossil fractals
3D Ducks pattern [1920 x 1200] MB3D
Fractal Art Done in Mandelbulb 3D by Redideo
Earth Toned (Designer Unknown) [1594x896]
Anachronauts [OC][1038 x 1564]
Experimenting with unusual formats
My attempt at using fractals to create an old school scifi book cover image.
[OC] Just tried to plot some fractals
I'm consistently amazed by fractals in nature. Here are some rivers in Spain [2160x1324]
Cave [OC] [1920x1080]
A Fractal my brother made [2899X1799][OS]
Hope this belongs here. Ferns in a Finnish forest [2 592px × 1 728px] [OC]
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