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Here's a picture I took of some Thermite we ignited in chemistry class! [2905x1816][OC]
Burning my Pumpkin after Halloween [2843x1900][OC]
Metal Rose [1200X1200]
Picture I took while burning a house down. legally. (2592x1944) [OC]
Anti-Bolsonaro protest in Rio de Janeiro
Lava river in Hawaii [1296x864]
World's biggest bonfire, Norway. [800x530]
Infrared shot of house burning exercise [1024x683] Album in Comments
I love fire as much as the next guy..but not as much as this guy. [515x342]
"Inside a burning wooden log" from over on /r/pics [600x450]
Protesters in Ukraine [1100x742]
Chechnya's Tallest Building Engulfed In Flames [os][1536 x 1024]
An Indian Sikh Nihang (warrior) performs a fire breathing act [990x660] (Not OC)
Lava explosion, Hawaii [2000x1299]
Explosion (fossil fuel mixed with gun powder) photo Geoffrey Short [1200x953]
Flowers and rubbing alcohol [500x750]
Explosions [2048X1009]
Protesters throwing petrol bombs toward riot police in Bahrain, June 2012 [2100x1080]
Wildfire simulator [1200 x 920] (x-post from /r/pics)
Birth of a universe [3110px × 2073]
Volcanic lightning aka “dirty thunderstorms” [770x513][OS]
Horse run through fire at the Luminarias festival 2014, Spain [3500x2334]
A Dragon Rises from the Flames [x-post /r/pics] 432x576
The Clearest Image of a Sunspot Ever Taken, Courtesy of the Big Bear Solar Observatory
Went camping in the Alaskan wilderness and built this fire to stay warm. The nearest
A burning ring of fire [2048x2048]
"Door to Hell" Darvaza, Turkmenistan [3021x1284]
We burnt down a house. Legally.[3024x4032] [OC]
Just hanging out around the campfire [OC] (1232x2048)
Made this little fireball about 8 years ago. The other day my gf pointed out the
[OC] My partner is magic.
A Dragon rises from the fire [3029x4667][OC]
Fire Flower [OC] [775x1024]
The Jersey Shore is on fire right now. [1024x768]
Flaming Molten Sulfur [990x650]
Flashover in full effect [1699x1130]
Long Exposure of a Bottle Rocket [1280x853]
The “Momo” and “Uzeir” twin towers burn on Sniper Alley in downtown Sarajevo
Isopropyl alcohol burning in a wine bottle [1920x2882) [OC]
Sulfur-ignited blue lava flows of the Indonesian volcano Kawah Ijen [990x650]
Folded lava, Kilauea, Hawaii (x-post from /r/pics) [720x555]
Leaf burning [ 4272 x 2848]
Fire Tornado [OC] <didn't know if /r/fireporn has seen many of these>
I forgot the fire is supposed to go INSIDE the pumpkin
Battling the blaze [1280x960]
Volcanic Lightning in Chile (xpost from /r/pics) [800x449]
A molotov in Kiev [3500x2487]
French farmers use fire to try to save their vineyards during cold nights
Firefighter getting blown off a porch [825x550]
You guys seemed to like the last one so here is more volcanic lightning (also from
flames coffee shop burned down in san jose today [1024x816]
An image of the fireball from the train explosion in Quebec [640x853]
Lunch is served at a Ramen Restaurant in Kyoto, Japan [OS][1800 x 1198]
not sure if this is the right sub, wanted to share though. a picture i made a couple
High Shutter speed of lighter [2826x1991]
Riding through imposing fires at the festival of San Bartolome de Pinares in Spain
I shoot various metals burning under a pure oxygen flame. My recent favorite [500x333]
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