Open Ima

Nice outfit
Is it just me this happens to?
Blue Days....
Among Us Fap CEO style
This hurts
Jokes aside, mad respect to the devs!
Okay, I think the button is blocking something really important
The new event girl M.I.A.
lisa honey i am so sorry
I declare bankruptcy!
Big brain nutaku
It's a bummer
Since i saw some questions about decorations, here is a tier list with all the decorations
Mood nitgh is 🤤
I missed like 2 days of chests because my phone didn't give me notifications, and
The results of the voting.
Come on, best girl.
A word of advice from somebody with 209 days of playtime
Guess I'll have to spend some gems
Which pussy do you like the most? There's no shame in admitting it...
Without the event items for rubies, I think I'm done with the game
short girls with big tits
have a bad meme i made
I'm a whore for the lore.
Redraw of Ayumi!
Gains week feeling.
Guys, I did it. It is so satisfying looking at this.
My reaction to the Nova update
Good job, very proud.
Ah, happens every time.
Guess I won't be selling my company or getting anymore keys until next year xD
Yes. My secretary queen
Really feels feelsbad due to the new change for this event. 7 mins left on the clock
Reached One Centillion. Maxed all seats. Trillions of shares.
If this isn’t accurate, I don’t know what is
Gotta love chests
New girl? I don't know if any if you guys has sen this but this came frome facebook.
3rd week playing & really enjoying the game
I called the fact that Alexis would win this year's Waifu Wars
Unfortunately, this is possibly how I will stop playing FapCEO
*N.W.A song plays in the distance
The last event cleared me out
Amber Redraw
Gotta love RNG
Well that sucked.
PSA: max chair level is 99.
Terrible edit.
Finally! I've been waiting for this!
I hate this torture
Was hoping for gains week, but this will do I suppose!
I don't know if anybody noticed this, but PrincessCumXXX has been foreshadowed since
***New Event***
So is it now disabling Auto-clickers?
Goodbye, to all my gems wasted.
It's probably not that much but it's my personal record :) what's yours?
Reworking Event?
Woah, cool shot.
PSA, Use a slow motion camera, or a slow motion app on your smartphone for the current
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