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[F4M] Bewitching a Cutie to Cum [Hypnosis] [ASMR] [Gentle trance] [Supernatural]
Can we normalize something in the Hypno community?
This would be a fun suggestion to give someone
Update: That was.... Amazing....
Ah yes, my favorite part
Not sure if this fits here, but as a hypnoslut myself, this is scarily relatable
Gotta do with what there is
I love this disclamier in a dnd manual
The Pet Test, I actually fell under this one
Accidentally conditioned a sub to cum every time she hears "good girl"
They're making it better
My Dom just showed me he's in total control
[Free File] [F4M][F4F]Or[F4A] Neurogenesis [Hypnosis][HFO][Metronome][Logic Takes
The true hypnokink experience
Free File[F4M,F,TM,TF&A] Hi, I'm Shibby. And Soon You'll Be A Strapped Down,
Don’t Fucking Do This.
Just follow the crystal, and she will be put into a trance.
[F4A] Let Me Show You Something [Hypnosis][ASMR][Beginner Friendly][Instructional][Gentle
Lillith Skypenotized Redgifs Teaser [OC]
[F4A] Innocent Brainwashing [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Loop]
My first series of Femdom Audio HFO Hypno files =D
[F4A] Simple Submission [Improv] [Hypno] [Conversational] [NLP] [snaps] [Intimate]
Our every-day commands
Getting hard and shooting off handsfree from a hypnosis audio
"On Becoming a Skilled Subject" by sleepingirl -- an article about what
Hi, I'm sleepingirl, and I wrote the book on brainwashing. It teaches intermediate-to-advanced
I hypnotized my gf the other day and she was soooo cute when under.
[F4M] Drop for Teacher [Hypnosis][HFO][Snaps][Good boy][Teacher knows best][Trigger
[FF][F4A] Dropped into Tentacles [Improv][Hypnosis][HFO][ASMR][Ear rubbing][Kisses][Drip][Drop][Gentle
Holy shit I didn't expect it to work outside o[f] trance
This Happened...
Well there goes another one 😏
My SO is going to be my slave again in about 20 minutes
Subject's Account | Confessions of a Hypnoslut
Omegle is NOT safe
[Journal] Long-Term Brainwashing Experiment!
I've decided to make a hypnosis-themed game
[Teaser][Sound] Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine - Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into
Another picture of mine I edited for cover art. A mix of my favorite fetishes. 🖤
Femdom Mind Control Hentai
"I have never in my life, ever gotten that to work!" Gushing about my first
An amusing incident
[F4A] [F4F] [F4M] Venomous Persuasions [Hypnosis] [Long Induction] [Beginner Friendly]
This fetish is the best fetish
Man, I love being mindless
After a week of self-brainwashing I’m considering starting to truly bimbofy myself...
Gentle Erotic Hypnosis for Men: Oh Baby [F4M] [Free Content] Trigger [OhBaby] inviting
[Free File][F4M] Burst for Me [ASMR][Hypnosis][HFO][Gentle Fdom][Relaxation][Triggers][Conditioning]
Idea: having a earpiece and giving your dom a soundboard so they can control you
[Free File][F4M] Oh Snap! [Hypnosis][HFO][Snaps][Layers][SFX][Countdowns][33 minutes][You
Check out this lad here
"Why Are People Obsessed with B*mbi Sleep?" and "Who Shouldn't Use
A Warning About WizardHypnosis From One of His Former Slaves [LONG]
I let myself be erotically hypnotised and had one of the most bliss[F]ul experiences
You guys are the only ones who can appreciate this experience
[F4A] Resistance Fighter [Improv][Femdom][NLP][Confusion][Hypnosis][Snaps] [Licking][Resistance
When villain taps 3 swamps 😳🥴🤤
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