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šŸ–¤I think I broke my BF lol šŸ–¤
desperate 26 F4A
Ultimate Edging FAQ For Beginners
Gf caught me gooning and ruined me
Stop with the "One upvote one edge" posts already Jesus
Not to be *that* guy, but...
My boyfriend used me to goon and it was one of the hottest things we've ever done.
I edged my boy to a ruin šŸ˜ˆ
The rise of female contribution in this sub is incredible
good gooner girl is losing her sanity šŸ–¤
[F22] Almost came in my friend's car
Please for the love of all the gods: don't edge-play in public
I have been edging non-stop since the beginning of quarantine. 12 hours a day for
I've just made a brand new game like
I. Am. Addicted.
I want to marry a gooner
Controlling orgasms is my biggest kink (F19)
A love note to perverts, porno junkies, chronic masturbators, gooners, beta simps,
I never wanna cum.
How to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating
I feel so embarrassed after re-reading my gooned out posts šŸ˜–
Humping my pillow for 4 hours straight last night šŸ„µšŸ„µšŸ„µ
Milking a depraved bull
If you ever needed an excuse to spend your life dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure
How to cum harder - Edging supplements PART 2
Couple's Gooning
Wife edged me into goon
Fully embracing the addiction [F35]
Can't sit still
My favorite website for endless gooning
[19F]My Pussy is taking over my mind.
Breath and edge play led to gooner bliss
Sleeping with toys
I wish I had a cock
Turn off your brain. Turn on your Cock: An Erotic Vignette. [Masturbation, Edging,
my pussy is in love with porn šŸ–¤šŸ’¦
UPDATE (Long) Obsessed chick: I just had the most amazing edging session.
Easy tip to stop you going over the edge
Unintentional Edging
I'm a girl who edges with her own brother. Wrong? Maybe. Super hot? Definitely.
Wrote my gooner girl thoughts out while edging...
please help me m(20)
Gooning is making me feel sluttier day-to-day
I think I turned my wife into a goon girl.
Pavlov's Pussy
I am such a slut for my cunt
I am now fully addicted to anal... (25M)
Humping my pillow and sucking my dildo while writing this šŸ„µ
Edging in the changing rooms šŸ„ŗ
i love feeling embarrassed šŸ–¤
I'm a dripping mess[19 F]
This is turning me into a slut.
Edged all morning, now Iā€™m at the doctor with a drippy pussy
Be my students
Helpful tips for us all
My mindless, compulsive, chronic masturbation addiction.
Me and my girlfriend are edge addicts
Imagining us all in the same room šŸ„µ
I've started edging for my bf's benefit
being my own porn šŸ„µ
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