Open Ima

TIME’s new cover.
“Safety glasses” that I made for my wife’s Optometry office.
Each picture is made of as many pixels as that of the endangered species population-
I'd like to propose this type of design for this sub's logo.
The new National Geographic cover
Poster for better shark culling laws
This "Seatbelts save lives" campaign
Really cool design made by Daren Newman for the Tokyo Olympics
Let us make this International Fixed Calendar work
Very direct ads from the City of Toronto against littering
Black Mirror Advertisement
A campaign ad for universal design in Hong Kong
Hexagonal paper for drawing organic compounds
I found this bird table quite charming.
This Mercedes Christmas ad
2020 is the year of Mouse, this is the best red envelope design I've ever seen
New Iceland sports team logo depicts the four mythological protectors of the country.
Interesting redesign of U.S $20 bill
Ignoring the politics, this anti-gun pro-adoption poster design
minimalism is king
Really great minimalist billboard ad
If you put all the Mexican coins together they turn into the Aztec calendar.
McDonald's Valentine's ad
This unbelievably creative logo!
This frosted mirror display for a squeegee at IKEA
All the hooks and shelves you need!
Surfrider Foundation Sushi Ad
Poster for the upcoming Borat 2 film
A bench in The Library of Alexandria
The cover of 1984
They clearly know what they are doing
Norwegian restaurant Under, half-sunken into the sea
This Japanese restaurant logo is simultaneously a Japanese crane and a hand holding
Time magazine cover
The way they made the entrance to the building
Grill logo
Jeep: Explore the Great Indoors
This nat geo cover
Happy Holidays
An ADIDAS ad warning against fake products.
This Jaws Poster.
Newest team in the NHL, Seattle Kraken, revealed their logos. Anchor is the Space
This cap [944x944]
The underground station signs near PlayStation headquarters in Oxford Circus have
Anti-Smoking Poster [499x666]
LEGO Advertisement
Perfect head placement
The Oreo logo has extra white (cream) behind it on the double stuf package.
Apologies for the slightly political post, but this Bloomberg cover looks pretty
Vietnam’s Daring Golden Bridge
Daring add by a company that sells hats
Studio Ghibli designed this dvd case so it looks like the characters are checking
"Now you see him, now you don't" - Brazilian anti drunk driving poster
This Ad
This collaboration between two breweries
I designed and built this squirrel bar from scratch. Anything you would change?
This JBL add
This ad for the British shoe maker Clarks.
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