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Bernie Sanders predicted EXACTLY how the elections would play out
This legend right here
Meme People: Then and Now
In South Korea, the solar panels in the middle of the highway have a bicycle path
Father knows the best
How the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round. All you need is sticks, eyes, feet
Man with Parkinson's tries marijuana for the first time
The power of a green screen
David Bowie in 1999 about the impact of the Internet on society
Cape Cod lobster diver giving a thumbs up in his hospital bed after being swallowed
The way this guy is fishing
Cat blocks and prevents a baby from crawling to a fatal fall down some stairs
The last image of Keith Spasford, a 14 year old australian boy who wanted to explore
A true legend
A strike, but continues to do their jobs
Camera blocking glasses
America's oldest living WWII vet, 110y/o
Police deploy grappler to stop this car.
Making fake lettuce which is usually displayed in the windows of restaurants so you
The mods are asleep! Let’s posts dams that are interesting!
Ravens are also called "wolf birds".
You'd expect it to stop but this guy just keeps on going. (from fb)
Steaming wood in order to bend a ridiculous amount without snapping
A new game is invented
Effects of gravity when you drive on different planets
The fish known as the most ugly, actually...
Bees can perceive time.
Texas Beeworks - Another great day saving the bees!
Builder explains why the rivets on a tape measure are so important
Lightning Bolt Is Guided To Ground Through Rocket Trail
Draining Glyphosate into a container looks like a glitch in the matrix with video
I will never think of rock paper scissors the same way again.
Not all heroes wear capes
Douglas Bent Hegdahl.
A minimalist drawing that represents closeness over time.
Thomas Jefferson’s sixth great grandson recreates his photo
Kids demonstrating the effectiveness of the Roman testudo formation
Think I'll change my job title to rainbow maker instead of airport firefighter. Have
As if we needed proof that Bill is the man
The world's first cat clip ever from 1899. "Little girl and cat". Colorized
Silverback and his son, calmly observe a caterpillar.
The friction in a rope when a cowboy lassos a bull
Washing hairs in space
Screw wasps!
Introducing a new Queen to the bee colony.
Kitchen of the future 1950s
The Generic brands are a staple in Canada
How much we accomplished in just 66 years. John Young
This bartender making a drink - wait till the final step
In 1921 a mob of white supremacists with the help of the United States National Guard
Original footage used to animate the first Mortal Kombat video game
How stadium seats are restored
Daniel Kordan Accidentally Photographed A Meteor While Capturing An Erupting Volcano.
A father designs a headstone for his wheelchair-bound son depicting him "free
Weird tunnel system under my newly bought house in Italy.
Isn’t nature fucking awesome?
Runaway truck ramps used in case of brake-failure
The way this scene is shot.
The kindness of strangers.
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