Open Ima

35/M straight dad first post (again) I think I did it right!!!
Son still ? Or dad ?
Dad is getting back in shape
[49] uncensored version. feeling naughty today.
Ngl Dad’s kinda horny today (52)
Good Morning!!! Cheers to this beautiful day
Finally made it to the mountains! Who wants to go for a hike? [44]
(47) Right Before I Bend You Over
200 likes gets you a shot of the front! [43]
36 year old dad. Deleted my old account but missed the Reddit love. Been about a
Oh, hello again (31)😁
Will I get more love with my cock out? [42]
I know right? Want to have some fun?(31)
Coffee first, clothes later. (37)
[30s] Would you smash or pass this Step Dad?
35 Heard y'all were into married fathers?
Always use protection, wear a mask! (37)
Straight 30s Dad that seems to have picked up a few ‘boys’ as fans. Thought I’d
Before the guests arrive [40s]
Careful. Slippery when wet...
Straight 36(M) it’s my Birthday🥳🥳 figured I’d give y’all a gift to keep
I don't think you're getting enough beefcake in your diet [44]
39(m) Good Morning from N GA
Just a 41 yr Dad feeling great about himself before a shower. Want to join?
Happy Hump Day Everyone😈!!! [53 yr old Dad here]
Guess I’m stuck with a dad bod from now on [30’s]
(47) Here's Where I Bend You Over
Help Daddy get up from his nap? [44]
Feeling like I have to be jacked and have a massive cock to be here, but I'm in my
Divorced dad, 1st post -- just saying "hey!"
Let’s start Father’s Day off right [30s]
48, had to whip this cock out in the truck. Anyone want to hop in and join me? 😎
[32] I only share this chair on special occasions
Come choke on me [30s]
Just two big dick dads [30s]
Just want to say I had no idea that my picture was going to blow up on here haha!
Ever wonder what is under your doctor’s scrubs (35yrs)
Just finished my workout. Ready for me to come home? (33)
[36] would you ride my dad cock?
(46) Love Getting To Wear Sweats Every Day
Morning all. Virtually no sex life here so I’m just going to share with you guys
47 and a half actually lol
Finding out my daddy status is upping the game.
(M)y office 39 yo dad
[35] what do you think for hump day?
Shower beer time I think (40s)
Upvote if you like my dad bod! [42] NYC
Vascularity (35)
Get down on your knees and do as you are told.(35)
Daydreaming about living in ancient Greece, where nudity was a part of everyday life.
Good morning, good people! Let's get naked and find something fun to do! [44]
Construction dad looking to get sucked off in the bathroom [33]
[30s] Are you UP for a ride? Your UBER is here!
Daddy wants to stay in bed. Linger with me [38]
Suns out, cocks out :) 35 M
Fit 45 year old who can't keep it in his pants
(38) you asked for it.... thanks for the love.
Mailman cock
(47) Ready for a rough night?
[30s] Want a ride from your Step Dad?
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