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I drew my DMT entity encounter
DMT cured me of a 15 year battle with alcohol addiction. I drank daily for all those
I'm a carpet layer and I like to leave inspiring messages under people's carpet.
It's stupid but super accurate.
My latest paintings inspired by the threads of light that bind our animal world together
My best friend died this Sunday. Before he passed he drew this after 90 mg of DMT,
Possible Epilepsy/Seizure warning!
Thought y’all would appreciate this
Silica Gel - Do Not Eat
A post I found on shroomery of someone blind from birth breaking through on DMT.
What a place to lift off!
Breaking through
Dream World – Collaboration between Noj Barker & Lulu Ixix
The seed of DMT. Acacia pollen.
I stayed up all night finishing my painting. Psychedelics inspire me to make surreal
5-HT2A, an album cover I designed recently
Shah mosque, Persia
Brought back a table
I feel like Alcohol and DMT are polar opposite substances
I drove 4 1/2 hours through two snow storms and 100 miles of rain to meet an old
Each hit be like...
The Acid Eye, my finished drawing about nature, drugs, wars, societies and the universe,
Anyone else vibing w this?
DMT space : The guardian of dimensions. I saw this giant being many times. He is
The observers
Somewhere in South Carolina
"Your Move Monkey Boy" - ALGA TBA
Enter the void, me, acrylics on canvas, 2018
Recent painting I finished, thought you might enjoy!
Someone wanted to see the LED in action so here you go
The quote says it all
When reality starts to melt away
Matrix flipping
My friends and I slept under the stars after our first changa experience last night
I built a 'shaman box' for classy DMT consumption
My friends
Sound advice - Stay safe everyone
DMT like visuals, collaboration by @fractalgate and @_metafixion_
Thats crazy man
a drawing I'm currently working on about nature, drugs, wars, society and space
Just had the most amazing trip, thankful for you all
Found this gem
Turned my living room into an interdimensional portal 🖖🏼
This extraction method any good?
A mural I just completed in Memphis🌈✨
I thought some of my psychedelic artwork might be appreciated here 👽
A soft cover book containing fifteen years of my artworks
This picture of a crab reminded me of a dmt like entity.
Imagine blasting off in this hotel in London
Made this for a friends birthday, think she'll like it?
"Aren't you coming with us?" - original art by Angus Long.
She wants us to learn the truth!
Drug toxicity
I finished writing the 17,000 word chapter on DMT’s science, safe use, history,
Finally finished!
...Look familiar?
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