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So you wanna be a cuckold...
I ejaculated while cleaning up my girlfriend (F24)
Maybe it's embarrassing... but let's talk about when a bull has fucked us
At what stage does a bull eventually become her boyfriend?
Never really had a cuckold fantasy, but I recently watched my gf get fucked on a
Condoms for me bareback with bull
Cuckoldpsychology should be the new official hotwife and cuckold board. The current
Important Tips From A Hotwife
What is the most humiliating real life cuckolding experience you have ever had?
Oh my god, I am shocked
How I became a cuckold. A trip to NYC with my college girlfriend.
My gf masturbates to her bull instead of fucking me now
Advice: Feelings for my BF have changed, but not in the way I expected. Has anyone
Dealing with GFs attitude change towards me after admitting my cuckold desires. Any
What is your guys biggest cuckold fantasy?
My [F] new favorite way to play with my husband
Cuckolding is a honest lifestyle: or how my asian gf learned how to be honest
I feel like the minute I embraced that I'm a pussy our relationship got infinitely
Marrying my cuck
I admitted I was a cuck last night and it felt so good.
Girlfriend just left on a date and will bring the guy over to fuck her while I sit
What I see as a concerning trend
Cuckolds are better than bulls
Gf wants to try creampie cleanup.. I am excited but nervous
Holy shit that just happened
Does your bull really fuck your girl better than you or is it just fun and fantasy?
Ideas to get your wife into cuckolding - A possible Guide.
So, my wife is pregnant...
Is it okay to not tell my hubby about how submissive I am with bull?
Things I know to be true - at least for us as a couple
It finally happened... just became a cuck
Bull came in my girlfriend [20] for the first time
Hotwife and Bull holiday abroad...
I invited our Bull for our COVID lockdown: Any suggestions how to mess with my cuckold
Premature orgasms more common after becoming a cuckold
Girlfriend catching feelings for the bull
My girlfriend’s gone away for a weekend away with her bull. How do you cope?
My gf told my ex about me being a cuck
Female cuck grateful for this subreddit!
Some reasons women resist cuckolding and advice (from a woman) on how to approach
Having my gf's bull humiliate me and dominate me subtly in public turns me on so
One of the hottest things a gf has said that solidified my kink
Advice for fellow cucks
I was cucked by my roommate.
How many of us only come here to read, knowing full well their spouse will never
Something that your bull does (or did) and that you as a cuck would love but your
What makes you horny as a cuckold?
What has been your most amazing public moment as a cuck that you've ever had?
Bull Making his Mark
[Update] Uncovering my boyfriend's desires
Seeing your wife with her boyfriend/lover
Tell us your most delicious moments of showing off that you are a cuck
Went All the Way will Bull, now I feel gross
My past 3 girlfriends have all gotten turned on when I’ve told them I used to fuck
Have you seen an "O face" on your girl for a huge cock?
We went from, "it's most likely never going to happen" to my greatest fantasy
Wife and I shared porn interests last week thing evolved.
Story posts are no longer allowed on /r/CuckoldPsychology
Understanding The whole Cuckold Phenomenon.
Changes in your sexual orientation due to cuckolding?
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