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My first time being fucked in front of my boyfriend. I lost track of how many times
Boyfriend found me fucking his best friend at a house party
We went out for dinner so I could give him this view as a gift
Brooke’s husband looks on while we have hot passionate sex
I was riding my bull’s big cock and about to cum when my husband wanted to get
Say hi to your boyfriend
Sorry for the third guy, there is nothing he can do 🥲
When hubby films up close he truly understands how small he is in comparison 🤭
Trying our hardest to not distract my bf whilst he’s watching tv 👀
Black Couple And Whie Girl: Who knows their nickname?
My husband’s POV when I’ve turned the MFM threesome into a twosome and he’s
I love my life!!
Bet my husband I could pick up a random guy and that if his dick was biggest, cuck
Cuckie got drunk and accidentally took the best slow motion video of me squirting
Hubby wasn't invited to our NYE party, but we still FaceTimed with him 🤭 [F22]
hubby ate me out while I sucked u/areallyweakguy dick😩💖
I’m so happy hubby asked me to cuckold him.
19yo asian... my ex boyfriend keeps asking me abt my current man, how tall he is,
I love it when hubby can’t hold his load anymore and cums on my face while I’m
My husband vs my Bull. Can you tell which one I can actually feel?
Hubby doesn't even get my full hand, just a few fingers 😏 [F22]
She said her boyfriend fantasized about her being a slut so she wanted to come to
Bf walks in on me sucking my HS friend
Fucked a Redditor from RAOBJ in front of my boyfriend on our vacation 💞
Called in sick when I found out my BF’s friend had the day off (Has sound - trust
Our friends love to use me since they found out my husband is a cuck. Hubby watched
My bull is getting pretty good at knowing exactly how to hit the back of my pussy
My bull rams me from behind so hard I can’t even think straight anymore...I'm glad
When it’s a extra tight squeeze because your husband isn’t as big
Cumming on a stranger's cock, then giving hubby the "He's good" look 😈🤭
It’s official. She’s pregnant!🤰
[f18] Riding a Redditor's rock hard cock while my boyfriend records ❤
[18f] I came so hard from getting fucked doggystyle in front of my bf 💦
19F Facetiming her cuck bf while sucking my bbc [oc]
My husbands cock vs the cock I actually want
I wasn’t kidding when I told hubby he was as thick as a Coke can
After my BF blew his load I went straight for his friend
Watching her enjoy her first BBC [OC]
Cuck's POV. Violating his Wife's Holes.
Bull fucks me rough in front of hubby while he films, I know he had a hard on 🍆💦
Her husband requested a video of her milking my BBC and eating my balls like a slave
My wife took a couple loads from my friend who was in self isolation. I had the best
Hubby is dreaming about what my pussy will feel like after my bull. Should I let
Who did I feel more, my bull or hubby? 😏 [F23]
Look at that smile omg 🤤someone is happy!
My boyfriend’s cock throbs as he films me being fucked hard
Can’t get over how big my bulls cock looks and feels 🤤
Watching my wife get fucked in person for the first time ever....
She keeps sucking her ex even though i cum on her face
Looks like hubby will be getting sloppy thirds tonight 💦 [F22]
/u/areallyweakguy can fuck my gf anytime 🙏🏽
I love my husband for letting me do things like this :)
(19f) my ex admitted to me that he is into ‘cuck porn’ i understand what that
Wearing a harness and heels for u/HunginLA88 while husband films
Sometimes I go to the bar with the girls and sometimes like bringing home a BWC to
When our bull has to drive an hour for this, I make sure he gets the finish he deserves
When your best friends gf says she’s bored, you go pick her up
The video of my first time with another guy! Fucked raw, holding my cuck’s hand
Sometimes before I get back home to my man I visit my bull and send him videos like
He says I can fuck whoever I want to as long as I send him the vid
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