Open Ima

The wheels on the new Mac Pro don't have locks. They cost 550$.
You know what's crappy? Letting comcast control what you do online.
homogeneity sucks
If you didn't know, 718 billion is only a little more than 266 billion
Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of human stupidity.
The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects
National Geographic magazine that warns about danger of plastic bags comes inside
I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful
That's how I broke my leg.
Never buy cheap carpets for your car
Would you rather kill 5 or 6 people?
I've never met Lauren but I already know I don't like her.
These benches at my university are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the
His shirt meant to say ‘dope’ but now I only see ‘pedo’
Place 10 feet away...
When channel 5 doesnt have a picture for a show on its demand service it uses bob
It's nice to have trunk
Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was
This ad for graduation photography
The paper in this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots
Would you like your chips with or without chips?
Advertising plus-size leggings with a small model in one leg instead of getting a
Of course 9/11 is the best thing about New York.
Curves on this slide
At the local gym
When your security gate is a ladder.
Every single front door in my uni halls
Straight Pride flag looks totally gay
Bad timing
Nothing like the smell of coffee and a good eye-stab in the morning
[OC] This won the design competition
"Arial" may be simple, but it has one significant flaw....
A shower designed to be as hard to stand in as possible
This ad was meant to depict how much the tiger had grown in 10 years. Instead, it
That's not how it works
This woman turning into fish roll
The new Apple Card needs to avoid contact with leather and denim
If Tesco, Asda and Napolina can all stack - wtf Heinz?!
Ah yes, the 18-24 year old baby
The Braille on the "ALARM" and "STOP" button on this bus are
Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide
Everything about this. No right click, A scroll wheel that is impossible to use,
Balenciagas new $5000 dress
Class stalls in bathroom. ....
Maintenance put new locks and handles on the gates for security
I texted two zeros multiple times before I realized that was an O
One. Single. Blind.
Guess who set the alarm off at the movie theatre today. Men’s room was around the
The entrance to our apartment in Berlin...
I'm just gonna let the fire consume me
I think my stairs fit here
Found this beauty at my local college
Thought you had to read it in a circle. Took me a minute to figure it out.
My school locker can’t even fit my backpack because of those shelves.
This IKEA colander has a lip that curves inward that traps pasta.
Glass on a remote...why??
Batgirl's bathroom
This new wall art in my office.
This seemed to belong here. A rental car that depends on you having cell data to
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