Open Ima

Encountered one on reddit - I received platinum a while back and it came with 700
A brilliant way to deal with "influencers"
Military Spouse Demanding to Have her next Meal for Free
I was giving away a free dishwasher on Craigslist and caught one in the wild!
They’ve had to explain this to Choosey Beggars so many times, they have a list.
It always gets worse with Christmas
Friend of my Ex has been using my Netflix details without my knowledge for years.
I get a lot of DMs daily from teen tiktok “stars” asking for free stuff from
I tried to give away two harnesses that no longer fit my dog. Did not go well
I made this a sticker after someone backed out of paying for a commission, saying
Not mine but holy stupidity
Broke boy.
Not open during a CAT 5 hurricane? 1 star for you!
My buddy is a tattoo artist. He’s also my personal hero.
I follow a professional painter who is dealing with some corporate choosing beggars.
Friend is upset I won’t let him use my new car to get laid
My dads a photographer, this is his most recent client.
My friend got shorted by a pretty major influencer
Choosing Beggar wants free drawing from a professional artist, ends up getting trolled.
Choosing beggars are expecting more from free movie showings
Local BBQ place with free beer calls out specific Yelper for being a CB. Love the
My mechanic telling it how it is. Support artists and labor folk!
I missed out on some serious cash :(
There's always one.
Sister sent me this...she was blocked immediately after
Waitress only accepts tips over 10$
This store knows
Classmate slept over and borrowed my Powerbeats pro...
You know he’s broke
Background dancer gets an offer from a music video director looking for free labor.
All these teens do is play Fortnite and take drugs! They should work for me for free!
I will not pay for material.
Financial Aid for a KitchenAid
What a winner!
Owner responds to ridiculous review of his auto shop
My old classmate wrote this interesting thing
This groomer is definitely prepared for all the CB’s
You know that one "friend" that only messages you when they need something...
Anon doesn’t want to drive a free BMW or Tesla to his wedding
I’ll do anything for work, but I won’t do that.
He's going to pay with experience bucks
Bridezilla wanted photos before they were paid for; defamed photographer online when
75 cents?
Wants me to use my company account to loan him money
63 Sandwiches in 1 1/2 hours!?! How dare they!
She wants my boyfriend to buy different flowers so she can post on social media ..
I don't get to experience these much.
Can I have a birthday discount?
He owes me money, and instead of paying, he wants me to work and that will somehow
Girl begging for someone to take her out to eat despite being taken out multiple
Foreigners go backpacking and begs for locals to fund the rest of their travel expenses.
That’s just being a dick.
Credit to the artist @eattherichcomic
NEVER make a bill of sale that shows less than what you sold the car for!
Somebody wanted me to 3D print them something I'd made for myself and shared a picture
Can't go any lower than that.
After giving out 7100 gold I gave my last 100 to this guy
A greedy boss makes the worst sign
Lol "work"
Aunt doesn’t like that I asked her to pay shipping
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