Open Ima

When you left for work, your girl and your roommate were in a big argument. You messaged
I really try my hardest 😳
Don’t worry, she still loves you. She just also loves your roomates dick.
Dorm Life
You shouldn't bully the hot goth girl!
She came hard while fucking her boyfriend's roommate!
She does love you.
She has no idea
Remastered A Classic
Not that you mind...
Your wife had only ever fucked one man before you. Your high-school bully. It turns
My boyfriend doesn’t get home for another few minutes, you better not pull out
Not even three days into your girlfriend's quarantine and her roommate sends you
And you watched her suck off two more before she was done.
Morning after her 'one night stand'.
She knows you'll never do anything about it.
A quick nooner ended a bit sooner
Your girlfriend went to her favorite musicians concert. You didn’t see her until
Don’t worry.. he’s out with his friends today.
Did you really expect her to want me to stop?
You can’t believe she did this to you but you also can’t believe how turned on
You ended up being a little late to the party
Just friends!
You fell asleep at the party so she didn’t think you’d notice.
Now your gf takes every chance she gets when you're distracted to bounce on your
Oh no.
You're credited in the channel as the editor
Her boyfriend is just sleeping in the next room! (Creampie)
You donated the most and she cheats on you!
You dared your girlfriend to wear the skimpiest bikini she owned to the campus pool
You always have to be on your best behavior when your long distance girlfriend is
Their first video was titled: "My son's girlfriend left him to be my girlfriend
You know your girl can't help herself even after just a couple of puffs
My husband didn’t think I would actually fuck his friend
The Babysitter is in the tub
And this is how they became fuck-buddies
Don’t pass out!!
Admit it, you wish she was your girl 😈
Her first time (cheating, that is.)
Bachelorette party.
"Sorry I missed your b-day baby.. But my boss said he really needed me! Hope
Ex came over to show off her Engagement Ring.. 💍
Workout Partners
What hubby doesn’t know won’t hurt him
When you couldn't make it to the party at your friend's house with a pool, but your
My roommate has ONE rule when watching TV.
The kind of stuff your girlfriend sends to her boss
You took your gf to a get together at your friend's apartment. When you went for
Good god he doesnt deserve it
She must have had her reasons 🙂
Trail Buddies
Studying Abroad
Sit back and enjoy the view while your girl serves your roommate. You’re short
Incoming Facetime from your wife
I see all these big cocks on Reddit and it’s hard not to act when hubby has such
This was your gf’s revenge for asking her for a threesome
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