Open Ima

I love it when people looking at my bulge in Public!
IT here to Penetration Test your network
Only ⬆️ if you would stare if you saw me in public
Just a semi
Busy thinking ‘bout boys
I feel like it's going to rip out at any second
Does this still count as a bulge?
Headed for groceries. Remembered my mask — “forgot” my underwear 😜
I think these pants were made for this
Do you like my bulge? 🤔
you asked for this 😉
Went for a run like this
Can you tell I don't wear underwear while I work?
Only Upvote if you want to rip these off me
Rock climbing, always a crowd pleaser
1k ups and I'll wear these in public with a hard on.. 😳
Gym Commando
Normally I wear a long loose tank but it was too hot today. Went shirtless, turned
Would you suck my college cock while I game?
male order husband
If I caught you glancing
Does anyone else ever worry that a family member might feel it when they hug you
21 yo, bi and bulging 🤤
Should I let him out to play?😈
They’re just about see through when wet
My cousin was insecure and shy to post here. So I encouraged him.
Nothing particular visible but VERY full.
First time here 😗 🍆
Kept eyeing my coworkers bulge so he took him to the back room and let me have a
I love it when my bf sends me pics. He said I should share this here
🥱 from this morning
Taken seconds before escaping ⛓🍆
Come peep this fat fucking dick 😩😘
Morning bulge with a reveal
Who wants to see my flag pole
First time posting here :]
Anyone a fan of uniform bulges?
I swear briefs never fit me
One of my favorite pair of undie
not your average neighbour
First post on this sub! [22M] Hello...
I hope nobody can tell I have a boner right now
Only ⬆️ if you'd actually submit
Cheeky little smile 😏
Does this still count?
How’s it hanging
it’s hot good thing I have a jock strap on
Gobble me 🦃 Happy Thanksgiving!
Some semi flaccid bulge play for y’all. If I got any harder I’d tear these😂
Apparently my bulge was a little too visible at the beach yesterday. 🏖🍆
Bulge from the back
should i size up?
grey sweatpants + in the car = fun and risky
Even when I’m soft I still bulge like a mf 😂
The ultimate joystick...
It’s hard to keep it packed away
Quality test ✅
Okay for a skinny guy🙂
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