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Pedophile Gets Caught! Ass Whoopin Follows!
Daniel shaver killed by police officer who got away with his murder and awarded 30,000
Wrestler paralyzed for life because he did some stupid stunt during a match. Guys,
LiveLeak shuts down after 15 years online
Mike 'Mad' Hughes dies after self made rocket crashes into ground Feb 22, 2020
Rapist gets sweet justice
Girl films her dead sister after fatal dui accident
Mother calls 911 while she tries kill her son. You can hear her son yelling, "She
Remember that wrestler video I shared a few days ago? Well now it seems like smashing
Good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun
Isis members being blown up by hidden bomb
Be careful where you find your fun friends, the unexpected hits quickly.
China hereby earns the honary title of "worst country in the world"
NYPD cop pushes woman half his size to the ground cracking her head and sending her
Rape convict gets knife up the ass.
Topless Russian woman hits road sign while leaning out of car passenger side window
Family of 4 confronted by crackhead carjackers in Spokane
Why do they say white girls have no booty? Oh!!!
Guy finds a very dead deer in the woods and notices something strange about its death.
Motivational speaker helps healthy caucasian woman in achieving permanent brain damage
Father beats his daughter with a belt and shaves her head for downloading Snapchat
Elephant floats to freedom after falling down 25-foot-well
Man try’s to escape quick sand but fails
A Bigger Fish than expected..
News Crew Security Contractor Disarms Rioter that Stole Police Rifle
Brutal car accident
This is what you DON'T do after an accident on a highway.
Guy shoots chicken to get tendies
Footage taken from dead ISIS member's gopro after he was left behind by his comrades
Man gets run over by a tractor
*WARNING CHILD VICTIM" Baby sitter burns child's hands so that she could go
Don't sag your pants, kids
Man escapes courtroom cage day after killing his sister
Guy can't stop puking on himself at a baseball game
Man lynched for eating beef in India
He stole dude's weed then dared him to hit him with his vehicle
Citizens take shelter behind each other
Super cool Indonesian or something guys helping out a whale shark cause it's the
Lady tries to purchase cigarettes with million dollar bill
Guy dies after getting knocked out in backyard boxing match
Beaver pissed over circus audience during performance
When vigilantism gets it wrong - Man Shot And Killed While Jogging
Pig Launched from a Helicopter into a Pool
Fucked up ninja turtles
Car without driver rolled down hill into a crowd of holidaymakers
Beautiful Female Mexican drug lord, famous on Instagram, not so pretty anymore....
Pitbull plays with nice kitty
Cool guy tries to save dogs. Gets halfway there
Blender to the dome
Sad about bears? Fuck em! Here's one eating a man's face!
In these days wearing a mask means you take your security seriously.
Tiger attacks a horse at a circus
Bomb disposal officer killed in explosion
This is what it's like to go flying off a motorbike at about 100mph
Yep, she fatally failed her driving test.
Hanging meat. Gruesome aftermath of ukrainian airplane crash.
Edward Snowden Interview delete from liveleak with no explanation.
Aftermath of falling onto a pole
Cutting open a coconut, Hawaii vs Trinidad.
Edward Snowden interview that was blacked out in the US.
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