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Thousands of Hong Kongers defy police ban to attend annual Tiananmen candlelight
India is waking up, the mahimbeachcleanup has cleared more than 700 tons of plastic
Tony Hawk not spilling the milk at 52
Andrew Cairney from Glasglow, Scotland loading all nine of The Ardblair Stones
Polishing a coin
Teacher teaches students to dance '' Thriller ''. This happened in 2019 before quarantine!
LED cube display creating a naked eye 3D effect
Weight loss
Finally finished this charcoal drawing, and wanted to share it with you guys. A month
5 years on from breaking her neck and becoming quadriplegic, this happened today.
Ape using a Smartphone
The real wonder woman.
Amazing dog
Cristiano Ronaldo casually leaps off of one leg, reaching heights up to 2.56 Meters
Farmer creating a buffer around his land as a wildfire closes in
Absolute unit of a cow stands over 6ft tall
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you fight a war on drugs and addiction.
Handicapped man doing the Atlas Stones at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Disabled Strongman
These guys carving a block of stone
A teacher shows that a bull in a square full of people does not attack anyone if
Not such a one dimensional instrument now is it
Unusual things that are normal in Japan
Blind man explains the positive things about being blind
When the iceberg falls off the cliff, it sinks due to momentum, but because the density
We are the first human beings to see a Mars sunset. It’s quite a thought
Running into his opponents mom moments After beating him and taking his belt
Testing a 20 kW light bulb
My drawing from 2 years ago and now
Leonardo DiCaprio turns it on
I infuse waste denim with resin and press the wet layers together until they dry.
Restoring faith in humanity
LEGO wall with secret rooms
Seal who was being chased by a pod of orcas hops onto a family's boat to save his
Well that looks kinda derp--WAIT WHAT
We could sure use a bit of Charlie Chaplin these days
Many forget this is a team sport, not these guys
How lucky can you be
Young girl unswamping a canoe
My flight into LAX got live rear camera view
Women's speed climbing record got smashed, in under 7 seconds
Making a difference
Awesome photography hacks they use in advertising
He stuck that shit
Insane new terminal at Singapore airport
Cotton Candy lobster - 1 in 100million catch! Donated to the Huntsman Marine Science
How to moonwalk
Each year the city of Warsaw comes to a complete standstill for a single minute on
Cool and Creepy at the same time!
19 y/o woman deadlifts 150kg (330lb) at a bodyweight of 47kg (104lbs)
the way forest looks from the sky
If you make under a certain amount of money, the hospital legally has to pay your
Man lives with pet alligator for the past 34 years
Dude shreds on a toy guitar, and shows off his vocal talent.
The Power of Lighting
Day & Night
The real ultimative Chad
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