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New post requirement: LOCATION
Can we please make putting locations a requirement? I'd like to see at least putting
31 [F4M] Canadian slut looking for my Floridian lost Sir
19F (F4M) To everyone in this community, I love, you, you deserve the best and I
Your sub, treat them properly
We have a problem on this subreddit. I know we can do better.
[DC] Fake dom seeks genuine sub
Thank you BDSMpersonals πŸ’•
36F sub #USA : Story of BDSMpersonals success!
20 [F4M] hoping to find someone who believes in female inferiority, submission
Encouragement [Success Story]
21 [F4A] #US - If someone makes a post about "Korean/Asian" or messages
29 [F4M]: Bratty Princess seeking praise, discipline, and adoration in #LongIsland
25 [F4M] come break this pretty brown slut in, and let me be the pet your landlord
30 [F] #UK -word vomited all over this ad for a Dom [M] and I really think it deserves
24 [F4M] Vancouver - Asian looking for a Dom
28 F4M - I Have a Dumb Fetish
(18F) Dropout wanting to become a sex slave
Any way to make a location or if seeking online only mandatory post title info like
31 [F4M] "While I wait" #EastCoast slave looking for her Master
32 [F4M] Submissive redheaded slut seeks sweet yet sadistic dom/boyfriend in Washington,
18 [f4m] good girls don't cum
[META] Can we get higher quality title requirements in this sub please?
Our success story, don’t give up!
28 [F4M] NorCal/US - Energetic, cutesy sub for calm, affectionate Dom. (Except more
23 [F4M] Are you male? Are you from Australia? Did you have an online sub from spring
23 [F4A] Just looking for a listening ear after some awful experiences on here
22 [f4M] I'm a filthy slut with an embarrassing fetish
21 f4a Challenge: Beat me in a game and I'll be your cam slave for the night
22 F submissive Southern U.S. Seeking out someone who can force choke me like Anakin
[SUCCESS] CNC, Brainwashing, and Breeding (Oh My!) #Online
30’s [F4M] - A Letter to my Dom
Success F4M - I asked and I received
Uncomfortably sadistic, definitely-not-a-sociopath-dom (26/m) who immediately demands
Midwest success story (pics inside)
25[M4F] Dom/Rigger Who wants you to tell me about your day.
25 F4M #online well educated white collar Asian girl looking to fulfill her fantasy
19 [F4M] Slave looking to be used an abused
18 [F4A] Hello all!πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I've recently discovered my loveβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
FinDom or PayFor services are NOT allowed here
Did you meet an Irish Submissive on here only for her to disappear? Help me find
[M4F/T] UK: What the hell are you even supposed to put in these titles anyway? "Hello,
28 [F4M] #London / UK / EU - Energetic, cutesy sub/mg for friendly, romantic D/DD.
33 [F4M] Seattle-Looking for something fairly "unconventional," for lack
28 YO Colorado sub seeking dominance, and love (In person/Online)
27f Cali - Looking for real life slavery
New moderator update!! :)
19 [F4M] Submissive looking to Love You, her future long-term partner / #Online #US
[f4m] [25, California] submissive Asian female looking for sadistic white dom for
[F4M] Exhibitionist sub looking to be edged on webcam
62 [F4M] Looking for a caring man to take control
27 [M4F] Weak, Uninteresting Dom seeking low self esteem sub
25 [F4M] Online / Relocation - looking for a traditional, controlling and misogynistic
[F4M] #online 19y.o Submissive Korean Girl with an oppressed sexual appetite. Looking
19 [F4M] Am I on your Christmas wish list? / Submissive looking for her future long-term
[30M4F] Uncomfortably sadistic definitely-not-a-sociopath-dom who immediately demands
F4A - I need daily webcam inspections and instructions
22 [F4M] online - my monster dildo just came in and need a sadistic dom who'll guide
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