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Oh jeez, oh man. A friend asked me (in public) if I'd ever visited a dungeon. We
I got aftercare 🥰😍🤩
Nothing makes me turn a True Crime off faster than saying bdsm fetishes is a sign
My Dom safe-worded yesterday...
She used her safe word. I didn't like it.
So LITERALLY after telling a "dom" that penetrative sex was a limit of
I wish gentle maledom was more of a thing
Casual domination
I'm an officer and I went into Subspace today at work.
Shout out again for bdsm for saving my life. FONDLE👏YOUR👏SUBS👏DAILY👏IN👏THE👏NAME👏OF👏HEALTH👏
Odd Aftercare Request
Bruh one of my coworkers has a bdsm collar that she wears to work and nobody but
What is this kink?
I now see why doms need aftercare
Being a brat led to the best sex ever
'Medical kink store donates scrubs to hospital in need' (UK)
To Fetlife dudes messaging domme-identifying ladies to insist we are actually totally
I pretended to be art for my dom boyfriend and it's one of the best evenings I had.
I've been dabbling in BDSM for a few years, but I didn't realize until just now that
106 days ago my bf/Dom fucked upppppp and wrote here asking for advice. Tons of people
Welp we just spent the night playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends because they
Relationship goal Morticia and Gomez not Joker and Harley.
Doms need to earn the trust of subs before the sub submits.
My Master's Christmas gift to me!
Kinkshaming in this family of subreddits
a stanger attached a leash to my collar in public transport
I was his dom all along without even realizing it
Welp thanks to bdsm, My Sir (husband) found a cancer scare inside my testicles. Doc
Newbie Subs, I promise you don't want that Dom mentor
My dom called me a good girl at the doctor's office
Being kinky in public
It's been almost 2 weeks since it happened but I need to vent. Went to my first party
I just safeworded for the first time as a dom
I found out that my dominant fwb won't be kinky with his wife because he "respects
I just wanted to share this success story because I'm proud of my sub.
Is it wrong of me?
Unpopular opinion: aftercare
My boyfriend has become a sub and I'm his new Domme. I AM OVER THE MOON!
Check Your Locks Beforehand 🔒🔐🔓 How my Dom’s tendency towards precaution
I just got to live one of my biggest fantasies.
Apperently, i am not a Dom
Are kink people just nerds with a different subject matter?
A lot of the self-described "doms" are actually sociopaths or narcissists
Keep your "pill" philosophies out of here
This guy called me a slut and told me it’s an automatic pet name in the bdsm community
My boyfriend leaned on my bdsm kinks to get me to embrace my body and address my
Getting real tired of seeing the sentiment that women who enjoy BDSM are “damaged”
My sub got raped this week - coming over tonight - I’m not sure healthiest way
Something happened at my new job that turned me on, and I totally didn’t expect
Ok this is a little weird.
Almost called a professor "Mistress" today
My Master is training a puppy while visiting family and I’m having a hard time
Rant: being kinky doesn't disqualify me from being a good parent
Tired of seeing this whole "prove to me you're worthy of my time" bullshit
The fact that this sub's upvote and downvote icons are butt plugs is brilliant
Let's talk about the fact that 25% of users in the last post about consent don't
Security Cam fun! (and removal of privacy for my sub) Sooo cute!!!
If she only knew...
A moment of panic
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