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Blatant pit display... Not many BBQ places here in Sydney, Australia, but pretty
This is Rasheed from American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix. Watch him for some lessons
Thought this was cool. This gentleman is on the autism spectrum and is a wizard on
So thankful to see Miss Tootsie again yesterday, and she struck a beautiful pose
12 hours into a 14 hour brisket
Our local park has an offset smoker at each of the 4 pavilions for public use because
Pretty stoked, wife agreed to doing butt stuff for Valentine's.
The Texas legend, hard at work at 6:30am today in 37 degree weather. Her BBQ is fantastic.
Wife got me a grilling apron.
Restaurant I work at got shut down because of Covid 19. Boss gave me about 60 lbs
My son is turning 7 tomorrow. He requested meat for his birthday dinner. I'm not
I run my own little business in the Netherlands, I’m focused on smoking fish. Today
What do you think of my grill setup ?
Texas girl living in the Middle East and missing the hell out of bbq, I decided to
Smoked my first ribs today! Happy Sunday!
Told my grandfather I needed a knife for BBQ. He made me this.
My back yard smoke shack, San Antonio, Texas
I live in Mexico City and finally got an apartment with a Balcony big enough to BBQ,
Oh Lord, yeah
Close call (stolen from r/cringeanarchy)
Just won this pit in a raffle!
From Italy here. With some friends tried to replicate what a BBQ joint tray could
The most common comment I have seen in r/food is “Eww, that’s raw!” I was told
Bush pig. Weekend with friends in Norway
Smoked two 30lb gators as a Father’s Day special at work. 7 hour smoke at 225 with
My first time smoking starter pack
I've crossed the line from recreation to business. Wish me luck lol
I've smoked, lurked and waited three years to post a cook I could be proud of. For
It’s going to be a good weekend
One year ago, I cooked my fist rack of ribs. Saturday, my BBQ team placed 1st out
My new BBQ shelter
My first attempt at smoking cheese. Thought the cool weather would counter the heat
Finished my backyard playground. Made from concrete and oak. Very happy with the
I opened a Texas BBQ smoke house in China
Brisket Grilled Cheese
My Happy Place - Just finished this outdoor BBQ kitchen! Its got electricity, water,
Good for her
Pulled pork. Didn't have proper buns, nor do I have hotdogs, so here we are.
I'm converted, no more brisket only beef cheeks now
Breaking in the new smoker.
Took a backyard BBQ class with Malcom Reed and friends
The colonies seemed quite loud over the weekend so I figured we in the UK should
After breaking in my new chimney starter, it now looks like a thunderstorm at sea
My Holy Trinity of smokers in my Que Shed
This Dry Rub Label is hilarious!!
Check this out
Well boys just upgraded my setup
Grilling like a villain!
Solo Christmas Eve dinner
Londoner here trying to grill some flank like a yank! Love USA bbq. Cheers!
So many of you commented on how beautiful my set up is (very lucky) but this is the
No beef in India, so I decided to smoke a water buffalo tenderloin. Turned out great!
My first place steak at a steak cook-off earning me a golden ticket to compete in
Alright, which one of you guys did this?
45 days I have been waiting
One of your U.K cousins here about to grill for the first time ever, wish me luck!
Sometimes everything just works out. This happened to be one of them days.
Butter and Garlic Brisket Burnt Ends Glazed with Hot Honey on Buttermilk Biscuits
Just the most beautiful ribeye I ever did see
I’ve made a habit of buying briskets after days when I know lots of cookouts are
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