Open Ima

Now that’s how you mod a beetle
Some idiot put this on ShittyCarMod
Shelby Cobra kit car with supercharged mercedes V12
This Honda Element
Subaru rusted out? Build a new body - Turbo Subaru Forester tube frame chassis. The
Audi 80 B1 Coupe
Any love for my old supra
‘70 small block Mustang
That’s one way to make a 2000s bug cool
Now this I can dig
This Baja Porsche
Apparently my car was shared here previously by someone else. Figured you might like
Space ship
Somebody told me this Viper swapped Charger would fit here
See-through bodykit on a Honda S2000
This is the only Honda swap I’m interested in hearing about.
Two brothers from Hungary put a custom C3 Corvette body onto the entirety of a C6.
This is badass.
Tesla Model S
You can’t say this is shitty this is fucking awesome
The tail lights on this R32
Just do it
Custom 1963 Buick Riviera
This Lifted R/V
Viper V10 in a custom 1951 Hudson Wasp
Does this count?
My neighbor fixed up an old Saab! Looks epic
Here's another taillight in case you didn't get enough the first time.
Nice truck I saw on highway 88.
probably gonna get shit on but i love the look of this
I wouldn't even try to resist or outrun this thing.
This was once a U-Haul truck
This is awesome.
I see your cafeteria lady's WRX STI, and I raise you my 66 year old sister's Ford
Glass Top Alpina B6 E30
Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.
I like where this is going
Woow 🔥
Took me a second.
Sorry for terrible pic. But it takes an absolute mad lad to do this.
A lunatic posted this at shittycarmods, and refused everyone's advice. So here it
20 minutes into Area 51 and they already LS swapped the UFO engines. SMH.
What are your thoughts on a lifted Subaru?
The definition of this subreddit
I’m not going to explain. If you know, you know.
Am I posting this in the correct sub?
This color is kinda blowing my mind
2020 Ford Everest with an F150 front end
I hope this belongs here
A Porsche wit a Safari conversion.
This Subaru Brat
Mini with 450hp supercharged Honda J35 V6
This dope golf i saw outside the shops (shout out to the owner if he sees this)
1972 Datsun 240Z widebody with 565hp LS7 V8
Tonka truck
Some mods are a step above the rest.
A-team van spotted in NC
C3 body on a modified C6 chassi with an LS6 (more in comments)
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