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Finally printed my eclipse drawing. It took 90ish hours to make, so stoked how it
Today is my first day as a postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center
Doctor Astronomer here! Today I became a Doctor of Astronomy via virtual defense!
My sharpest moon image so far
Close up of the Andromeda Galaxy, shows just how many stars there are.
Meteor from our doorbell cam this morning
Stephen Hawking Dead, Aged 76
I submitted my PhD in astronomy yesterday! :D It’s titled "Time Domain Imaging
Andromeda's Core using HDR Negative . 30Hrs total exposures
Thought of show you my new tattoo
Planet's Flag (Solar System)
My image of the Mercury transit this morning [OC]
The Andromeda Galaxy - 132 years ago vs Now: photo comparison
Getting them started early. Daughter obsessed with the moon.
Not to be missed events in July. Clear skies!
Saturn during sunrise
My luckiest night ever - Meteor and the Milky Way with Venus rising [OC]
Love it when the U.S. Postal Service issues some cool stamps.
My highest resolution image of the sun to date
I turned the Pluto image into an 8K wallpaper for those that want it.
The Pillars of Creation: My image compared to Hubble's
Jupiter and Saturn
Captured ISS transit This morning 120x magnification
Jupiter and Saturn
A week late but here's my Geminids Meteor shower shot
Got to show off my university's meteorite collection last night, wearing my Hubble
My image from the 2019 Lunar Eclipse
My 66 hour exposure of the Sombrero Galaxy M104
Trails of the Great Planetary Conjunction
Last night's moon
Events not to be missed in August.
The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn with its moons.
I visited the big leagues today!
That's not camera noise- it's tens of thousands of stars. My image of the Snake Nebula,
My first presentable astro pic
Conjuction of Saturn and Jupiter, today!!
Falcon 9 launch from Kennedy Space last Thursday
Our sun, early morning on Sept. 6, 2020
Here's how the sunset will look tomorrow at 06:48 p.m. in South Guam due to a partial
It was dark enough to see the Milky Way core reflected in the lake with the naked
A night out watching the skies
The Lunar Crater Radio Telescope is one of the revolutionary proposals named in NASA’s
Last night's 99% full moon
My 22 hour exposure of M81 and M82 revealing the surrounding dust
Nasa’s Juno probe captured this picture of Jupiter last December
Personal picture of the Moon in a cloudy sky
I programmed the Jupiter and Saturn systems in augmented reality. I wanted to be
This is my first Startrails picture. I took nearly 800 images to show the rotation
The Witches Broomstick
I built an orrery out to Saturn, someone mentioned you guys might enjoy seeing it.
ISS crossing in front of NEOWISE.
The Milky Way over a frozen lake
My first ever tattoo. Done just today before intitiating the new year🥰
I now reached 54Hrs of exposures on Andromeda. I am not even halfway :D
I’ve build this tiny clock to always be aware of the planets’ position in Solar
Made a ring inspired by nebulae.
My Milky Way pumpkin turned out better than I expected!
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