Open Ima

This little dude and I have had breakfast/lunch together everyday for the last 4
These ten ducklings were found orphaned and they were brought to a pet duck called
Diabetes training dog alerts his human with boops
Cat saves toddler from falling down stairs
Update: My little dude came for breakfast again this morning. Got a video of him
Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart <3 <3
A helping paw is always appreciated
Cat saves baby that escaped from her crib from falling down steep stairs....
Doggo does a save
Crow feeds and befriends stray kitten, couple films the unlikely pair's friendship
Cat takes down stuck toy so kitten can play with it again
Orangutan trusts their caretaker completely
This is my wife’s cat that still lives at her parents. I’m kind of his favorite.
I want three of those please
I don't know if this counts but here it is
Just a good doggo playing ball with human
Dog offered their paw and gently held their owner's pet bird
Who’s your new buddy? Is that a black lab? Wait..... Jesus!
Single moms sticking together
Not leaving anyone behind 🙌🏿
Baby was crying while I was in the bathroom but suddenly stopped. I came out to find
Dog removes rugs whenever Wheelchair bound Grandma visits
Male lizard holding up his gf so she can take a nap
Sea lion being released, stops to make sure his buddy's with him.
This is just cute
Suddenly the cone’s not so bad
Orangutan lending a helping hand to a man clearing away snakes from a conservation
There there...
Cat high fives runners.
When the Mama leaves the Calf, someone’s gotta take responsibility...
Thanking the sanctuary guardian
Dog chasing police car in Brazil, because his "owner" (a homeless man)
A good boy protects his humans
Yummy sky raisins.
Dogs saving an entire species
A very gentle horse giving a cat some pets
This is definitely not their first time doing this.
please wake up please wake up please wake up please wake up
This good boy knows his lady is in danger
Our female German raised our male Pit from when he was 6 weeks old. 5yrs &
Floof pillow
Little spoon please. Thank you
Three lion brothers lying down.
Doggo enjoying the company of fawns
Not without me!
Air Bud 3: Side Out!
He remembers what it was like being a stray.
Doggo is worried when his human is in the pool and wants to hold his hand
The goodest boye
I think this family of geese adopted this lil duckling
Early this morning our Marshy ran through the halls chirping loudly. We woke up to
Drive by cuddles
Don't worry bro, just look at how we do it!
Here's a cat giving a dolphin a kiss 😘
Chimp Feeds Fish and Watches them Eat
Goose expresses great joy in owner returning
When you forgot your keys
Purrtective surrogate mom for baby chicks
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