Open Ima

I sure didn't...
Because we can't let Verizon look bad
Yall need to retake a High School Civics class...
Seriously, I just want to sit in silence sometimes.
Peaceful protest is Constitutionally protected
Comcast exposed... again
I feel the worst for her dog
Watching what’s going on at the Capital...
Do you want to start paying extra for the good content? I think not
No fucking bailouts. If you didn't learn your lesson in 2008, too bad.
If only we could sue them for lying to us...
Sometimes staying out of touch with pop culture has its benefits.
Please spread the word
Something wrong, I can feel it
Help a guy out, save some TP for me
This needs to be said
Started out amazing, then...
Overheard at a bar in Indiana in response to someone who said that gays were "causing
We don't come here for shitty streams
Protesting a Fair Election?
Tried a new taco stand nearby last night. Was short 25 cents for my second taco but
Scumbag Ajit Pai
Typical Karen.
Democrats this morning
Would rather not see it happen again in my lifetime
As an American when I see Canada pardoned half a million people with cannabis convictions.
Remembering a fallen legend
I feel like, take your profits to retirement isn’t the best way to deal with this...
The real question I keep asking myself...
When people mock my mask wearing
They're a fucking cult... I swear
Never forget
I'm busy shutting up and dribbling
I find it crazy that this is a thing in the U.S.
That feeling
Classic EA
You need to know
Seriously, Bixby.. F*** off
My boss seriously asked me this. Was back for an hour, now I'm looking for a new
After having my 2100+ upvoted meme removed for not having two lines of text
Are average Joes making millions?
How about you don't roll your eyes at me?
for 40 years they have tried and it has never been passed.
The solution is so simple
Job Recruiters and Human Resources, this means YOU
Whenever you stay with a friend.
First the Panama Papers, now the Paradise Papers
A little tired of people nowadays.
Looking for another job now...
Which team are you on
Maybe I'm an asshole, but this was really satisfying
I just want to see something else on my news feed. Anything else.
Comcast sent a letter saying they were doubling the cost of my internet... so I switched.
Mitch McConnell refusing a vote to allow DC and Puerto Rico to become states because
If only there was a way being out of work for a few months wouldn't mean starving.....
Reddit's been lying to me for two and a half year now
It's a small win every time
People be acting like it's the day's weather.
For real, people. Stay safe and don't drink and drive, please!!
My Company is Standing Firm on Their 3 Sick Day Policy and Employees are Testing
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