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My marriage is over
Girl shows what different penis sizes and girth look like
A summary of all my favorite manual routines...
Divorce update: Brought together again by tragedy (Non-PE related)
Cautionary Warning - 5 Years Later
After 4 years, I finally reached my goal, and will be retiring from PE
I owe the world to this sub ❤️
My Story of reaching almost 6 years of PE
I broke the 6 inch mark today boys. I'm really happy!
Penile injury. What you need to know from a doctors perspective.
A manual length exercise that I adore
Please read this
My hero is gone....
Rant: When women don't care...
This is a photo proof of my permanent girth gains / success due to pumping. I documented
My results
How to video on how I put on and conceal the extender
A suggestion for this community, whenever someone posts about gain success and uses
Tier List for the Ideal Male Penis
A Guide to Using an Air Pump to Maximize Gains
How I went from 6.7 x 4.7 to 8 x 5.5
Not the right sub Reddit but I’m desperate
The vast majority of new posts on here are downvoted for asking basic beginner questions.
I’m interested in making a new sub specifically for progress pictures. Would anyone
Passive Clamping - Girth Work for Busy Guys
Dangerous posts
A manual girth exercise that I adore
Beginner Tips and Answers to some FAQ!!
Let’s get those big dicks
Using your new dick length correctly in your girl
Warning: 18 years of age and Up
Something interesting I've learned after 48 hours on Tinder
How viewpoint changes perceived size.
You're not alone! I promise
Wife noticed and it felt pretty fucking good.
Tip to get insane Erection Quality
A Tough Pill to Swallow for some, but the Importance of it all.
For the guys that are new to PE...
M9's Wrecking Ball DIY ADS...!
Finally hit 6 inches!
If you are overweight. Loosing fat is far more effective and quicker than PE for
Success story
Poll: How long did it take for 0.5” length gains?
Downward erection ligament stretch and comparison shots
I reached 7.25 x 5 ...
Protect your mental health lads
Gained size for my confidence. Halting my PE routine for her pleasure. (5.5 inches
Micropenis growth guide
From 4.5 inches to 6 inches in 9 Months... Hit plateau, please help
Turns out PE indeed works
Pornstars IRL
Bye everyone, and thank you!
A very good explanation on how to do kegels
1 inch gain in 4 months! (How I did it)
Happy Fathers Day....!!!
Advice from someone who actually made gains
Gain Proof from a year of PE: conservative measurements.
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